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2 more litters!!!!

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These aren't at my house. I've still got one of my 3 litters.
These are at our rescue and boy is kitten season is starting early! The rescue just got in 4 pregnant females. .
These two litters below are from 2 of the momma cats.

These 4 we're going to call the "bug bunch" (names to be determined)They're around 3 weeks old now and their momma is a beautiful DMH black and white lady so these guys are going to be beautiful (but then again - aren't they all? )

And this is the sweet momma cat who just gave birth last night. We're not sure what time though because she disappeared after the rescue lady went to bed and the next morning she was no where to be found. She had been confined to one room but went balistic on her for 2 full nights and got herself all worked up so she let her out for a while....well....off she went last night. We found her this morning in a wall! There was a tiny 6x6 hole in the upper part of a closet wall and she found it. Squeezed herself into the hole and had her babies in the wall. We had to cut the wall down this morning to get her and the kits out. Was a very busy morning!!! (OH - and the hole has been patched!)
Anyway - this was the only picture I got of her cause I didn't want to bother her too much and the lighting was bad (I know I can't use my flash). These pups are about 12 hours old. There's 5 of them there. Have to think of a "group" name for them too! (Karen - you can't tell by this photo, but momma looks just like Abby)
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Aw!!! cute kitties!!!!! Makes my heart melt
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aw how lovely , yes defently kitten season now.
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Precious kittens!
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Ohhh how precious!
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What beautiful babies!
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oh how cute!!!!!!!!
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Oh , they are very cute! and what a place to have them, in a wall, but i bet she felt safe there.
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