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feeling boxed in?

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Peedoodle inside the box - I don't know what he is looking so mad about!

Kahu always has to sleep on my pjs.
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Aww!! U have very purrrty kittys!!
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Isn't Peedoodle cute in his box? He's just warning you to make sure that you don't get rid of his box.

And sweet little Kahu. Of course we know he's only an angel when he's sleeping, but WHAT a little angel!
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Awwww spy cat!
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awe look at those cuties those pics are just too cute! Peedoodle says peekaboo and those eyes and look at Kahu on the bed, thats a great pic one of my favorites and those eyes they are both such CUTIES and such GORGEOUS kitties
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They are so beautiful..I love the name Peedoodle
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awwww they are perfect! Seb likes sleeping on my clothes, too
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Peedoodle just making sure you fully understand that it is his box
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You have two gorgeous kittys
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I love the creative names of your cats!
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Thanks guys!
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Omg kahu has the most gorgeous eyes i've ever seen
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what a couple of treasures - sweet, just sweet
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My goodness what a cute pair you have there. What gorgous blue eyes Kahu has.
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Aww look how cute they both are..
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