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well I came to the shelter today of course you know that and saw Freeway and I was like what this time, can't this dog get a break?! the lady who adopted her in the first place with another dog and brought them back because she was "homeless"

and then Freeway got adopted by this lady, bit the kid (not bad) she has and was back and really, really skinny.

and then she got adopted by the same lady who adopted her and the other dog and she said she was stable now anyways

she is back and the reason why this time is because she was outside and dug under the fence to get to the neighbor's dog and not to play either. she is really dog aggressive. so just a few minutes ago she was pts. Teri
(lady who works at the shelter ) took her and she gave me a ride home and Freeway was sitting in my lap and it broke my heart. she was such a good dog. friggen stupid owners failed her and it makes me sick!

here's a few pics of her.. I can't stop crying. I told her that I love her and to be good to the doggies up in heaven. I guess God needed a new angel.
She was only 9 months - a year we are unsure of what breed she was.

I am so sorry, Freeway that your so called owners failed you. I am just so so sorry. Be a good girl to the dogs at the rainbow bridge, which I am sure you will. I just miss you so much and you weren't even mine to begin with. You were back numerous times at the shelter and stole my heart every time. You were such a pretty girl inside and out. I just wish you were meant to be here on this Earth. please say hi to Tasha your other shelter buddy and Herrig for me.
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Oh that is so sad Krista, poor poor Freeway, as least she knew that you loved her.

It makes me sad too when people give up on the pets that they are supposed to love and take care of.

RIP Freeway, please find Sambo while you are at the Bridge, he will play with you.
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RIP Freeway, play safe and well over the Rainbow Bridge with all the other kitties we love and miss
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Bless him, the poor baby All he wanted was some love

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I'm so sorry about poor Freeway. It seems he never really had a chance at a happy life.

Rest in peace sweet boy.
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Oh my bless the little soul, she tried so hard to be loved & cared for, but for some reason it just wasnt happening I just hate the attitude of some people, you know they see animals as just disposable items

She will have felt the love that you and your colleagues gave her

RIP Sweet Girl, run & play, find my RB dog Roger, he will guide you around and have lots of fun with you
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Poor Freeway..What a beautiful girl you are. RIP sweet one.
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Poor baby. Play happily at the bridge buddy.
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That is so sad! RIP Freeway, you were too good to stay here...
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How sad. My prayers are with you.

RIP Freeway
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Poor Freeway! At least she was loved by you and the other workers! Poor sweet girl! Rest peacefully, honey, and play happily over the bridge!
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