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Originally Posted by chromodactyl View Post
my ex boyfriends flat mate used to rip up newspaper and rather than buying toilet rolls when out would kindly leave piles of ripped n.paper in the bathroom-needless to say he soon got kicked out
My British mom lived through rationing in England in WWII--she said they often cut newspapers into squares for the privy.

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Hmmm...I'm more afriad to run out of things that would embarass me tampons, deodrant, etc...oh, panty hose!
And ink pens...I kind of stock pile them.... I'm known around here for making lists everyday...instead of adding to one (that I've usually already lost), I make a new one. I usually have five partial grocery lists at the end of the week to take to the
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The great toilet paper battle runs rife through our house -

DH theory - only soft and gentle (and horribly expensive) is good enough for his bum!!!!
My theory - You wipe your bum with it and flush it away - so why spend any more than a few pennies on the cheapo stuff?!?!

I do the shopping so I buy the cheap stuff and he MOANS so much!!!

Anyway, yes - always have stockpile of loo paper enough to see me through a siege - also terrified of running out of cat food as we would be found days later, eaten by kitties!!!!
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Toilet paper, cat food, orange juice and coffee are highest on my list. I do have a tendency to overshop at the grocery store, but we are in earthquake country so we will be fine for about a month.

p.s. 4BadCats, please get your hubby the Charmin Ultra! I know it costs more, but his tushie will thank you!
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Tea, cat food, toilet paper, pasta, and tinner tomatoes
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I hate running out of fabric softener. The water here is awrul and makes your clothes feel like sandpaper if you don't use it. I ususlly have several jugs of around.
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Lets see:

Lint brushes
Ant Traps
Paper Towels
Soap (I have this stockpiled until the end of time)
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I worry about running out of Weight Watchers bread (because we'd have to make a special trip to the grocery store to buy more, and we eat a lot of bread) and salad, which we can easily get from the nearby corner store but won't be as good or as fresh as what we get from the grocery store.

I don't worry about toilet paper; I stock that well in advance.
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Originally Posted by emrldsky View Post
DEODORANT!!! OMG, I sweat and stink like a guy, and without it, people would stand 100ft away from me at all times!!!

Also feminine products. Had an issue in Ireland, on my honeymoon (yes, started on my honeymoon), where the lovely maid threw out the bag of products I had just bought!!!
Yes, feminine products! I'm always afraid when I get my period I will look under the bathroom sink and won't have any! I had my period on my honeymoon too! It always has the worst timing doesn't it?
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and uh Milk to go with the chocolate
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I worry about running out of raw chicken for my exotics. I try to keep a head of the game and by 40 pound boxes, so I have enough just in case.
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Feminine products...

Toilet paper (only the good stuff! Its worth the extra because you use less, lol)

CHOCOLATE! Must never run out! (dark only)


I usually buy too much of everything, just to stock up.
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Softlips (I was so mad when they stopped making the mint flavor.)
Any hair supplies! (Very thick curly hair)
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I always stock pile toilet roll, girl stuff, tea bags!, Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
I worry about running out of raw chicken for my exotics. I try to keep a head of the game and by 40 pound boxes, so I have enough just in case.
I would say running out of food for your cats is a reasonable fear!!

For me, TP, coffee, milk for the coffee and cat food. Also refills for the sticky lint rollers since my clothes are usually covered in cat hair by the time I leave for work.
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hair straighteners
good champagne
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Not worried about too much, but I don't like to think about running out of animal food since the supplier is hard to get to and the hours aren't the best for people that work during the day. I keep the pantry fully stocked.
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I'm not the only one with a toilet-paper thing Colin always nags me because i always buy a ton when i go shopping- i mean stockpiling!!!! the great big things of it and it MUST be Cottonelle - eithor Ultra or the one in the green plastic And my cottonelle wipes
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internet-HA ha no one else thought of that
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Feminine items, cat litter, and wet food for the boys- they will FREAK if they don't have it everyday at their 'scheudled feeding time', which makes life miserable for me
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