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Our First Christmas (Holiday Season) with a cat

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Okay, I've heard "The Holiday Season" (don't wanna offend anyone) is very stressful for kittens!

We were going to put up a tree this year (fake of course)......

I need DO's and DON'Ts for kittens and Christmas :angel2:

I'm already dreading this, Cooper LOVES to get into EVERYTHING!

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Oh the joys of a kitten during the holiday season. The amount of times I've seen sparkly bits in the litter tray.......

Sorry I can be no help, as I've always ended up with Xmas decorations wrapped around a cat or two, the tree on the floor, and the pressies ripped open before the 25th. But it has always been fun
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Oh... you're scaring me!
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Good questions! I would like to know about putting up a Christmas tree with 3 cats in the house.
Anyone have suggestions or funny stories?

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I've had Christmas with SIX cats in the house and we all survived. We guy wired the tree and use no glass ornaments, tinsel or angel hair.

Feisty, a past cat, used to steal the same ornament, every year and carry it around in her mouth. She never touched any of the other ones. She, also, knew which stocking was hers and pulled it off of the wall. I had to tack it up near the ceiling.

My red fuzzy tree skirt was a favorite napping spot, for several cats, over the years.

This will be Rowdy's first Christmas, ever. With her prediliction for getting into everything, it should be fun! She loves boxes and will, probably unwrap everything. I'm going to have to hang stockings from the ceiling.

As for DON'T: no mistletoe, tinsel or angel hair.
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Awe, sounds like you have some great Christmas kitty memories
I will remember the no-no's to protect the kitties.
Sounds like even though they cause problems with ormanents and stockings and un-wraping gifts, it makes the season that much more fun

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I think it depends on the kitty. My inlaws have a cat that doesn't seem to touch any musical/moving/glittery christmas ornaments ever. But my cats will grab anything within their reach. Cindy, it sounds like Feisty had quite the personality, I can see her now carrying an ornamnet around in her mouth! How precious. I think cats definetly make the holiday season much better.
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I'm in for a treat... Christmas is gonna be fun at out house!

Cooper loves shiny, musical, and glass!!! !

But I just found out that she does NOT like cinnamon scented pinecones(they smelled sooo good at the grocery store, I bought 2 bags!)

My house is gonna smell like CINNAMON :tounge2:
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Ah, I can't wait. I love Christmas. Socks loves Christmas too.

We don't put the presents out under the tree until Christmas eve, because otherwise, our little angel would go batty. (My grandmother has this obsession with ribbons and bells, so we wouldn't get any sleep at all with the insane racket of the bells!)

The only thing we can't do is garland. Socks seems to think it would make a grand necklace, and I'm so scared she would strangle herself. She has a little felt stocking that I sewed for her when I was 8 years old, and it's pretty ugly and it's full of holes, but she knows it's hers because it's the one that always smells like Pounce treats. (It's really cute. I couldn't spell her name right, so it says "Sokks"...LoL). Her favorite ornament is my Miss Piggy one, with the sparkly figure skates. We HAVE to put it near the bottom so she can bat it around, or else she'll do everything in her power to find it off the top.

And she ADORES egg nog. If anybody leaves it around, consider it gone. (Nah, we don't drink the kind of the alcoholic variety). I know it's bad for her, but she only gets it once a year.
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Eggnog anyone!?
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My cats have thier own tree! Every year I buy each one an ornament that looks like them or I make it look like them. I already bought Josephine one for this year! I have a fake tree it is very skinny but it has a lot of dense branches. The girls don't bother it. I also got around using garland. I buy thick gold ribbon. If you intertwine it in the braches they can't pull it off! I love angels. All of my ornaments are either plastic or cloth. The glass ones and the ones with real feather wings go at the top so kitties can't get them. I also put gold, sparkly, twist twigs in the tree. This keeps the kitties from climbing.
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One of the best ways I have found to keep kitties off the tree- and I have had a lot of cats and a lot of practice trying things:

Anchor the top of the tree to a hook in the ceiling with fishing line to stop it from toppling over.

If it is a real tree, make sure all loose needles are swept up right away. They are not poison but they can pierce kitty's intestines if ingested.

No tinsel or garland- like lotsocats I use ribbon and string cranberries and popcorn.

I go our and buy a dozen or so of those really small mylar balloons Christmas themed and tie them to the branches. This keeps kitty captivated, but they are usually afraid of them (because they move) and will not attack the branches. Of course you always have one brave kitty who might.

I take the cat condo and move it close to the tree so they can be close and watch everything, but for some reason when they can get as high or higher than the tree, they don't bother it as much.

Add lemon juice to the water to stop them from drinking it at the base of the tree.

No musical lights or motorized ornaments, kitties are fascinated by the noise and will try and capture the noise.

I also stopped using ribbons and garlands on packages under the tree. One Christmas day having to rush a kitty to the vets office for emergency surgery- she had swallowed a bunch of ribbon and got it wrapped around her intestines, cured me. I use stickers and other safer ways to decorate.

Misletoe is highly poisonous, and Poinsettas, though not poison will cause some mighty uncomfortable stomach upstet.

No turkey bones for kitty- they can splinter easily and become lodged in the throat.

If company is coming, kitty needs to be put in a room away from everyone with toys and litter pan and food and water. Leave a light on and a radio playing for her.

Keep candles away from kitty's curious paws or tail.One swipe and it could be all over, either with the hot wax or a flame.

Some people may think it is cute to wrap ribbon around a kitty's neck in a attempt to look festive. Bad idea, an active kitty can choke in just under a minute. A better idea is to gather all the loose and torn gift paper, take off all the ribbon and give it to kitty to play in. They love this type of playground!

No chocolate for kitty- very toxic for both kitties and puppies.Just keep the kitten on regular food and add some shredded turkey to it for a special treat.

Hope this will help those who read it.
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Thank you Hissy!!!!
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