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Florida's Animal Cruelty Vote Tomorrow!

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Those of you in Florida, please vote yes to Amendment 10 tomorrow. Here is an article dealing with the amendment. Although it doesn't have anything to do with cats...it is about pigs and the cruelty they are subject to on industrialized farms.
Thank you!

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In addition to the measure on Florida's ballot, there are a other states that have animal issues on their ballots, including Georgia, Arkansas and Oklahoma. (Please excuse the politicing tomes on this, the text is taken from a newsletter I receive from United Pet Way, and these are paid advertisements.)

~~~~~ Attention Floridians: Please Vote YES on Amendment 10 on November
5th! ~~~~~

The Animal Cruelty Amendment

Stop animal cruelty by voting to ban inhumane and unnecessary gestation
crates used to severely confine breeding sows on industrialized pig
factories. Cruelty to animals is morally wrong whether you re talking
about pets or farm animals. On industrial hog factories, pigs are commonly
kept in gestation crates - two-foot by seven-foot metal cages that don t
even allow the animals to turn around. Unable to exercise or move - and
spending up to three years in the gestation crate - the pigs suffer severe
physical and psychological ailments. The measure bans only gestation
crates, not farrowing crates, as opponents have falsely claimed.

Humane Societies across Florida and The Humane Society of United States
have endorsed Amendment 10.

Corporate hog factories pollute the environment. Hog factories produce
massive amounts of animal waste, polluting water and putrefying the air.
If voters approve Amendment 10, we'll prevent mega hog factories from
wreaking environmental havoc in Florida. The Florida Sierra Club has
endorsed Amendment 10. Many pig farmers treat animals well and do not use
gestation crates. Small farmers traditionally allow hogs to move around
and to graze on pasture. This measure targets large factory farms that are
displacing small family farms.

~~~~~ Attention Georgia Residents: Please vote YES on Amendment 6 on
November 5th! ~~~~~

Source: ASPCA News Alert

Georgia residents, vote 'YES' on Amendment 6 You can help combat pet
overpopulation by voting 'YES' on Amendment 6 next Tuesday, November 5. If
passed, the legislation will provide for the production and sale of a
specially designed animal-friendly license plate, proceeds from the sale
of which will go to support spay/neuter programs all across Georgia. And
please pass the message on to your fellow animal-loving Georgia residents!

~~~~~ Attention Arkansas Residents: Please vote YES on Proposed Initiated
Act 1 on November 5th! ~~~~~

Source: Citizens for a Humane Arkansas



*Act 1 increases penalties for extreme and malicious cruelty to animals,
such as burning puppies or tossing animals off of high buildings. It does
not alter the misdemeanor law for less serious offenses such as
unintentional neglect. If voters pass Act 1, Arkansas would be the 38th
state to adopt felony penalties for extreme animal cruelty.

*The measure also takes aim at the gruesome and barbaric practice of
cockfighting, where sharp knives are attached to the legs of roosters and
they hack one another to death for the amusement and illegal wagering of
spectators. Dogfighting is already a felony in Arkansas. Cockfighting
should be, too.

*Act 1 specifically exempts "conduct that is otherwise authorized by law
or legal privilege..." (proposed subsection 5-62-102(c) of the Act).
Medical research and other lawful activities are therefore fully protected
under Act 1.

*Act 1 specifically exempts legal hunting, fishing, and livestock
practices. Respected retired justices from the Arkansas Supreme Court have
stated that the measure was carefully drafted to protect farmers and
hunters. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette stated in its endorsement of Act 1,
"This proposal to stop animal cruelty has nothing to do with farmers or
hunters or other law-abiding folks....It's aimed at the kind of people we
should all be afraid of. The ones who kill and torture for fun." (4/1/02)

*Act 1 will not affect medical research at all. Medical research
involving animals is authorized by and governed by federal law. The very
first phrase of Act 1's exemption language states: "Nothing in this
section shall be construed as prohibiting conduct that is otherwise
authorized by law or legal privilege..." (subsection 5-62-102(c) of the
Act). Medical research is therefore fully protected under Act 1.

*Mountains of sociological evidence show a linkage between extreme cruelty
to animals and domestic violence. Child and spouse abusers often begin
with cruelty toward animals. Extreme animal abusers are a menace to
society, and they should get more than a slap on the wrist.

~~~~~ Oklahomans, vote 'YES' on SQ 687 and 'NO' on SQ 698 on November 5th!

Source: Ban :censor::censor::censor::censor: Fighting.org

YES ON 687
Vote YES on SQ 687 to Outlaw Cockfighting

Summary: SQ 687 would make Oklahoma the 48th state to ban the cruel and
barbaric practice of cockfighting.

Cockfighters breed birds for aggression, pump them full of stimulants,
strap razor-sharp knives or ice-pick like gaffs to their legs and place
them in a pit to hack each other to death - all for amusement and illegal
gambling. It is embarrassing that Oklahoma is one of just three states to
allow this practice. Cockfighters regularly bring children to the fights,
exposing them to animal cruelty, gambling, and other vices. SQ 687 adopts
the same penalties for cockfighting that already exist for dogfighting.

Strong penalties are needed to deter this form of animal cruelty. SQ 687
has been endorsed by the Oklahoma Humane Federation, the Oklahoma Chiefs
of Police,
the Family Farm Alliance, county sheriffs throughout Oklahoma, Governor
Frank Keating, and Steve Largent.

NO ON 698
Vote NO on SQ 698 to Protect Your Voting Rights

Summary: SQ 698 would nearly double the number of signatures needed to
qualify a ballot initiative dealing with animals.

SQ 698 is a pro-cockfighting measure. Cockfighters pushed for the adoption
of SQ 698, as a late attempt to prevent the anti-cockfighting petition
from appearing on the ballot. It is unfair to set two standards for
qualifying ballot initiatives - one for animal welfare and a separate
standard for all other issues. Calling the measure "unfair and
undemocratic," Governor Frank Keating, an avid hunter, said, "The idea
behind SQ 698 is like requiring one football team to rush for ten yards
for a first down, while demanding the other team get 15." The Daily
Oklahoman called SQ 698 "shameful," "dishonest," and "a back-door attempt
to stifle direct democracy."

The Tulsa World said, "we hope Oklahoma voters will have more sense than
their elected representatives and see this unfair and extreme measure for
what it is: an attempt to interfere with voting rights and undermine the
very democratic principles this country was founded on." SQ 698 is opposed
by the League of Women Voters, the Family Farm Alliance, the Oklahoma
Christian Coalition, Oklahoma Humane Federation, and Governor Frank
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Yeah...... all you in Flordia......

don't screw it up again!!!

LOL, I'm so bad!:goodbad:
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Thanks Heidi for posting such good voting info on animal rights!

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