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=WC= OK, I am stuck....

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What the deuce!? I am stuck!? Now, save your "I told you so" and GET ME OUT OF HERE!!

Fine. I will just wait for the firefighters then......

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love the squinty eye! are you going to enter any photos in the contest?
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I think I will enter one of Rupert and one of Stewie in the contest. I will have to dig up some old photos. How you going in the ratings? Or can you even tell?
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What cute captions for a beautiful baby...
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o my what a cutie, those pics are just tooo CUTE! I LOVE IT, sooo GORGEOUS
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once again, some very nice pics
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What great pics!! What contest are ya'll referring to?
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What a cutie! Is he in the window?
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awww what a handsome boy!!!
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Aww, very cute!
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He really doesn't look too upset about being stuck!
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stunning photos again - but you do have those stunning kitties as models
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Cute! Cute!

Me too; what contest?
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Thank you all for the kind comments. It is all 90% Rupert and 10% me.

Rupert was actually stuck between the blinds and the windows. He went inside, tried to turn around, couldn't fell backwards and landed on side ways (don't worry, not hard and no injuries) and just stayed there for about 10 minutes.

Here is photo contact Renovia entered. I think all should enter since we all have soooo many pretty cats on the site.
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As always... beautiful photos!
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excellent quality photos!!!!! they really are!

Rupert is a cutie
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Thanks for the link!
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