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Why my Mother always yelled at me......

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.....For standing in front of the Fridge with the door open!

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Ummm....there's something hairy in your fridge!
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Ah, that explains the hair in the milk.
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Now, that's cute! They know where the food is!

If my DH ever had that happen at our house he would freak out, I am more the cat person than he is!
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now thats freaky lol it was only today that i turned away from the fridge and i go back and there is forest sitting in there. none of them have ever done this before.
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Ya hid the leftover shrimp again?

BTW, you need more root beer.
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so what did they decide on for dinner??
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awe look at all those cuties trying to get some food that reminds me of our house, although u get stormie, blue, tessa, willie, and bella if they are all downstairs that is just too cute, and wats all that on the side of the fridge
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that reminds of a couple of weeks ago,when heyu was trying to steal some hotdogs that where in there
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Cute pictures Have they figured out how to hand me a Barq's root beer or should I get it myself?
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aww that is so funny, every time I open my fridge, theres always two black paws on the bottom shelf before I know it

I like looking in fridges - you can see all the different types of food from different countries - hey, maybe we should have a 'show your food in your fridge' thread
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Heheh, they are hungry!
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Haha, cute pictures!
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Looks like they're on a mission!
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great pics. Your cats are adorable. I have the exact same fridge as you so I know personally how they can get into some of the spots you don't want them.
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Awwww either they are hungry or they are going to make you dinner
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There's something furry growing in that fridge of yours. Don't you ever clean that thing out?
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That is just too funny! I know, you are really showing off a fully stocked and SPOTLESSLY CLEAN refrigerator! Oh, sorry, is that what the cats were doing for you - making sure there were no spills, etc! What great photos you took!
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Originally Posted by Sadie's Mom View Post
Ah, that explains the hair in the milk.
and in the food!!
great pics tho!!
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Well jeez, feed them already! They must be hungry!

Bayley is the same way, ALWAYS trying to get in there!
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That is so cute!
I'll have a root beer please!
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Did you tell them that you keep the tuna in the cabinet, not the fridge?
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Now what exactly did your two corden blue chef's decide on for food ala mode. Seriously though those are two cuties.
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