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Where to keep BBs?

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OK, so considering foster bottle babies. I've been thinking about where to keep them so they're warm. They'll have to be in the basement with me at night...it's cool down here...like 60*.

What about a 10 Gal Rubbermaid tote?
Or a 10 gal fishtank?
or a cat carrier that is top loading as well?

I want to move them from room to room with me as I'm home almost all day. So I need something easily moveable. I also have a crate for a 60 lb dog & a 100 lb dog.

Thoughts? To keep them warm, I'll have heating pads covered in towels/blankets or else hot watter bottles.
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With my 2 I had them in a small plastic cat carrier with a towel covering the front so little heads didn't get stuck in the cage door (It happens) and a heating pad set on low off to the side. So they had half warm cage/half cold cage. That way they were protected, warm and easy to cart around. I would also lodge it between things to keep the other animals from tipping them over.

Good luck with your babies!!
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well the tote wouldbe good , for easy acces.
because the dog carriers sound like they would be large, and you probably want something that isn't all that hard to carry around. they also would make it harder to get the kittens out if you would hav eto reach in there to get a specific one.

i wouldn't go for the fishtank because it would get pretty heavy. and those things can easily slip from your hands, i've just about dropped my hammies once. it would be easier to get them out of then the carrier thouh. but if somehting knocked it over the glass could break. and it would be alot better if they themselves bumped into the side of the plastic versus glass

so i would go for the tote, but thats just what i think

you could keep a heating pad in there with blankets an dhtey woulld keep warm
good luck
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So have you decided whether or not you are getting them yet?
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