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My Dogs!

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Here are my Dogs!
This is Duke My Bloodhound/Lab mix. He was given to us at 4 months old cause his owners could no longer care for him. he will be 2 yrs old the 20th of this month! He is a crazy dog,full of energy, but a huge love bug!

This is Rocky, my 3yr Old St. Bernard. I got him about 3 months ago, he was given to us, cause his owner was elderly and could no longer take care of him. He is the biggest sweetheart!

And here they are together!
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Nice pictures of your two big boys! The names are apppropriate too!
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you have very nice looking dogs! and i also like their names
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Aww what cute doggies. I love St Bernards!
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They're both gorgeous!
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aww what hansome boys - and good news Rocky like cats too
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Your pups are beautiful!!! I love BIG dogs! I have a Newfoundland and since she's been here I have completely fallen for the giant breeds.
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They are gorgeous!!! Love Duke....Bloodhounds are so "unique" looking!!!
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I just love your dogs, Maggie! that picture of Rocky and Loki has always been my favorite.
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Thanks Krista!!
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They are sooo cute! I love the pic of Rocky with the kitty.
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What big beautiful boys! I bet their ears are so soft. I have a thing for soft doggy ears
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They're both gorgeous!
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