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Another Dr. Appointment today for my potassium

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Well i have to go back to my GI doctor in a little bit for some more blood tests. They're supposed to check my potassium levels and see if i need to permenantly stay on potassium pills or if i'm ok. I'm hoping i don't have to have anything else (it gets expensive!) but if i do i hope it's ok. Could i get some vibes I'm hoping they're able to stick me the first time on the blood tests (my veins roll) sometimes it can take them multiple sticks before they hit a vein and when that happens i turn into a nervous wreck. So i'm hoping they can hit me. lol i'm more worried about the needle than my potassium levels! I've been exhausted lately (they found out i had really low potassium when i was in the ER a little while back for food poisioning/colitis) they gave me a prescription for potassium after my ER visit and i was doing better with that...but i ran out and now i have to go to my GI doctor to see if i need more so i'm hoping everything is ok. I also have some infertility issues (PCOS) and we're hoping to start a family soon after Colin and I get married so i'm not sure how the potassium would affect that. I'm gonna ask today Wish me luck! I have to be there at 2:45 i'm hoping it's not a big deal. I think it's just one little blood test for the potassium thing I'm not sure.
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Good luck at the Dr. visit today, and <<good blood test results>> to you..
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Sending you {{{VIBES}}} and hugs
I hope all goes well for you at the doctors.
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Good luck Nikki
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Awww... honey you are in my thoughts and prayers!
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Good luck. Can they take the blood from you hand? That is where they take mine from!
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Thankyou everyone! I'm more nervous about the needle than the test I'm just hoping they can hit me the first try and that it's not too painfull. I'm a total chicken about blood tests. My doctor is really sweet so i'm sure if there is a problem he'll walk me through it and figure out the best course of action for me. I'm hoping he puts me back on the potassium pills- i seemed to be doing better and have more energy when i was on them
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Good luck Nikki!!!
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Thanks for the vibes everyone! The appointment was great and guess what- NO blood test today!!!!! I was telling him that i was feeling better and would prefer not to have to have any more tests unless he thought they were just absolutely necessary- so he said give it a few more weeks and see how i feel- if i'm still tired he's going to do some more blood tests and another colonoscopy (i hate those things i've had several of them) If i'm feeling better though he said it's ok to pass on them He thinks what sent me to the emergency room back on the 23rd was eithor food poisioning or the latest strand of the stomach bug that's been going around here. So that's good- hopefully it's out of my system by now I've been back at work for a while now and feeling better so that's good. The only thing that was off was how exhausted i've been - but i'm guessing that those late night feedings with my foster kittens isn't helping since i'm up every 2-3 hours feeding them. So he told me to take just some over the counter potassium supplements (to save some money vs. a prescription) and see if the lower doses help before he puts me back on a prescription. Also- i have PCOS and it affects my fertility- so i'd rather not start messing with a lot of higher doses of potassium right now when we're talking about having a baby soon because it can interfere to some extent so i'd rather do the lower dose if i need it- so that seems good now! Also just for the record- Anemia has been ruled out in the past so that's not an option for what's making me tired Thanks again for the vibes everyone!!! I LOVE TCS vibes- hehe they got me out of a blood test!
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Great news Nikki!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Great news Nikki!!
Thanks Nat I am soo excited i didn't have to have a blood test!!! That deserves a clebration I hate those things- i'm a total wimp Kojak is celebrating with me by chewing on my hair
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