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pip & sox

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My names Bagpuss and i'd like to say hello and i'm so glad to be a registered member. I'd also like to introduce my 2 Birman cats ...theres Pip whose a Redpoint and Sox who is a Sealpoint ( haven't got any pictures and wouldn't know how to post them even if i did ). I am very new to cats and am loving every minute of it ...wish i'd got them earlier on in life !!!
I've even converted my husband who didn't like cats ( or should i say the cats have ) mind you if you saw him now you wouldn't have known it.
Bye for now
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Welcome to the site and I can't wait to hear more about your furbabies!
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Hi there Bagpuss - my FAVOURITE kiddie programme of all time! Welcome and great to have you here (my Fifi is a lilac cream colour - pinkish, so I call her Bagpuss)!

I'm a convert just like your husband. Wasn't really interested in cats at all - now, just try stopping me!!!

Love 'em all.

Great to have you here. To attach a photo just scroll down to the bottom of the new thread page and hit browse. Then go through and find the photo like an ordinary attachment (I just did it for the fist time last week).

Just make sure the piccie is small enough resolution, otherwise it will be rejected.

What are Birmans? Long haired Burmese?

I bet they're well pretty!
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Thankyou Adymarie Lhezzza and Yola

Thanks for welcoming me to your club!
As you will see by looking at the forum i'm new to this thing and i accidently created another thread instead of replying directly....oooppss!! Got the hang of it now though.
When i get some photos i will put them up for you all to see....promise. (thanks Yola)
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Welcome Bagpuss! Yes, please post photos of your cats!

As we will all tell you....We Love Photos!

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G'day Bagpuss and welcome to the group
I'm sure you will love it here

Attached is a picture of a Birman. This picture is of a Blue Point one.
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What a doll. My husband used to have a chocolate burmese, but although I've heard of Birmans I've never seen one.

Lucky old Bagpuss to have kitties that look like that!
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Welcome to the site Bagpuss!!!
I used to have a chocolate Tortie point Birman, she was the sweetest little thing ever!! Sadly she passed on due to liver and kidney failure when she was just 6 months old I so long for another Birman... at the moment I'm dropping BIG hints to hubby... hahah I'd love a Seal point boy this time...
I also have a cat named Pip, but he's a male tabby

Hope to see you around!!
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Welcome to the site! I just love Birmans. Such beautiful kitties.

I look forward to getting to know you and Pip and Sox on the forums!
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Thanks Russian Blue Purringpanther Yola Bodlover Valanhb

Sorry to hear about your chocolate tortie point birman Bodlover.
Hope you can get round that hubby of yours to get you another or iwill pester him with smilies....... :jarswim: ok....I must admit sox my seal point boy is sooooooooooooooooo lovey dovey to me he is absolutely gorgeous.He looks at me with those big blue eyes he knows anything he wants he gets.
My husband tried to put some photos up last night so you could all see pip and sox but they were too big,he will probably try again later i dont know anything about computers so i have to ask him to do it all for me.
Anyway thanks alot for taking the time to reply all of you
Bagpusspip sox

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Ooooo I can't WAIT To see pics!!!
And with me AND you on at my hubby, he'll HAVE to give in sooner or later :laughing:
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Welcome Bagpuss!

Huzzah! Another person from Yorkshire! Hope to see a lot more of you on the site.
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