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I am a tiger....hear me ROAR!!!

The tiger needs her beauty rest, too!

*There's nothing like warm sleepy kitty!*
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I just love yawning pictures! she's adorable!
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What adorable pics!!!
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Awe that is soooo cute!
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eeeoooow, thats a mighty roar - bless

do I spot pink soft claws
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Now, here's a ROAR! (I think you can see China...)
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
do I spot pink soft claws
Yes! Had to put them on all 4 paws to get her to the vets office a few weeks back. It took me 2 days to get her nails clipped & 3 days to get the soft paws on...but I won in the end!
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She's adorable Good yawn pic
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In the second pic she looks rather embarrassed that she was captured on camera yawning...you must understand what this does to the dignity of most torti ladies. It is most traumatic.
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How scary and sweet at the same time!

(On a side note, where are the pics of the sweet kitty we found this weekend and brought in?! I'm waiting!! )
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Bow down....
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oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! what a little doll!!!!!! I love that first picture!
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The second pic is actually because I had just woke her up. She has no idea who/what woke her up, where she was, or what was going on. All she knew was that there was a shadow over her. She actually flipped out & peed cuz I scared her. I felt like a bad meowmy.
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what a cutie, those photos are GREAT I just love yawning photos but such a cutie u have there
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Oh Damita i thought i saw your breakfast there with that yawn
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