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Lazlo The Alpha

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Meet our King of the Castle - now that he's "all grown up" (all of 6 1/2 months old).

(I didn't have the camera with me when he was batting Munchkin in the head: "I'm The King!")

...I love the little "coffe stain" under his black nose! ...and you can't see it in the pic, but under his chin he has a "vampire bite." (Coffee-colored dots that look like a vampire bite right in the middle of his neck! LOL!)

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OMG - he looks alot like my Gweeky (Striker). Here is a link to a picture I posted previously for him - he is the 1st pic.

Lazlo sure is a handsome devil!
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great looking kitten!!!
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He sooo cute! I used to have a tabby like him named Sam. He has the look and a . You can tell he's gonna be ornery!

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If he didn't have the white on his face, he would look exactly like my Georgia. Right down to the black circle around the white on his neck. It stops in the same place. Even the 4 little white gloves. Cutie pies!
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aw...that's so sweet!

Nenners - you are so right! Although he's a little devil sometimes, Sheldon usually starts all the trouble....
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He is just gorgeous!!!!!
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Oh he's so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pic!
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Oh Laurie- you were so right- he looks so much like Shredder! Thanks for posting his picture- he is a beauty!
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He's cute!!!! He looks like he's feeling pretty pleased with himself in the picture too!
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Laurie, he is a doll! It does look like he's gotten into your coffee. LOL What a beautiful baby.
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Laurie - Lazlo is a handsome chap - very elegant and disdainful of us lesser beings.

He looks like a big cat, or is that just the way it's come out on the photo?
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