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The girls

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Photos from the weekend

Stumpy has a little grey patch! When we first got her, she'd been hit by a car, and had these spots on her side where she'd lost fur and there was a scabby lump as well, so I assume it was accident related. When the fur grew back there it grew back grey!

And yawwwwwning

Little pumpkin Smudge all tuckered out after having a huge play session with her spring!

I couldn't resist rubbing her belly!

Oh yeah that's good!

YAWWWWWWNNNNNN ok ok I'm awake!

And the 3 girls hanging out on the scratching post

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Awww... what beautiful girls you have!
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aww I just love your sweeties they are all looking rather chilled
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Awww... what beautiful girls you have!
Thanks!! They're available for triple dates whenever your boys are ready

Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
aww I just love your sweeties they are all looking rather chilled
Yup, they're all pretty laidback. Play, eat, sleep in a patch of sun, say hello to people who walk past their window. Life is good
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Awww....Great pics!!! Your kitties are so adorable!!
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how sweet are they? they all look very happy!
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I love the pics of Smudge! The stretch from the tummy rub is so darn cute...
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Your girls are lovely!
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what a lovely bunch of ladies!!!
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Awww Smudge and her little spring! What a cutie!

Stumpy and Lilly gorgeous as usual
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Love the pics - especially the sleeping the in laundry basket too cute.
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Just LOVE your girls Sarah At Stumpy's gray spot
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Ya more pics of ur girls

such cuties, those photos are GREAT they are all so cute, and look at smudge sleeping, and that yawning photo of stumpy and smudges yawning! And of course all 3 of them on the tree, they are all just such cuties
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Great pictures- the one of the cat in the basket
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awhh so cute.. you know when i had heyu fixed her stomach hair came back in white, when it was black.
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They are so precious. And when I look at Smudge I can't help thinking about that tiny little kitten. And now look at her she is bigger than Lilly. But Lilly is such a petite looking cat she reminds me of a beautiful ballet dancer and Stumpy she looks like a little lady. Beautiful cats.
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