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cats and dogs

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Just curious those of you who keep both which animal species is usually the dominant one? The one that will usually get its way and bosses the other around? Love to hear ur stories
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Since Keno's the oldest 4-legged one (Ling's 2 in May, Charlie will be 1 in August) - she's the boss of the cats. Keno's 4 1/2 yrs old.

Of course DH and I ARE the pack leaders and she knows it. She's allowed to some extent on bossing the cats - usually breaks up their squabbles like a big sister

Charlie wants to be top cat and probably will in time - so not sure if he will boss Keno or not at this point - he's only 7 months old
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I personally think it depends on the animals. My cats are submissive, well atleast Tiger is and Miagi is fiesty. but I think my dogs are alpha against my kitties and plus they all know *I* am the alpha.
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Originally Posted by chausiefan View Post
Just curious those of you who keep both which animal species is usually the dominant one? The one that will usually get its way and bosses the other around? Love to hear ur stories
When I brought Rocky the dog home, I already had two cats. They both showed him who the boss(es) were right away. When DW and I would set on the couch and watch TV, and if the two cats were already sitting there with us, and Rocky tried to join us, they would chase him off. But for some reason they allowed him to get into bed with us at night (as long as he slept by our feet.)
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wow u have beautiful cats! which one out of them is the queen?
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I have one dog in the house with 4 cats. My dog, Ebony, is incredibly mellow so the cats tolerate her very well....that is except for Coal Monster! If Ebony walks to close to where he is he lashes out at her and she steps away very quickly! Otherwise they all get along really well. I must say it is pretty funny to see a big dog like her cower away from a cat!

Oh, and Ebony must break-up any fights/play between the cats. If any of the cats start to roll around in play she is instantly up sticking her nose in between them and breaking it up! She's such a nanny!
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Alley had to live with 2 yorkies for a while and she outweighed both of them put together and was definitely the dominant one!
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The dogs and kitties get along well and are mostly equals. They can cuddle together and play together but I think the dogs have more respect for Molly because Molly is the elegant, regal one who radiates dignity, and Polly is the complete goofball.
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Loki the Cat is moer dominant than the dogs, he can push the dogs around like nobodys business!! If he wants to steal dog food, the dogs wait till he is done. If he wants to take a nap on the dogs bed, the dogs either lay on the floor or they squeez in next to him!

But Mocha the Kitty is definitely dominated by the dogs!
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omg that is the cutest picture ever!@ those dogs are HUGE& the cat seems so tiny
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Originally Posted by Critter Crazy View Post
I love that picture!
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Kandie is the firm alfa here... Gigi is alfa to anything visiting but Kandie rules here
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ok well this is gonna be a long explanation..idk whos more dominant...willie mothers the dogs he has since they were 8 weeks old! Midnight does someone but plays with them! Now Cocoa wants to play with the kitties, he feels left out when they play and tries to join which doenst work out because well most of the time the kits swat him, blue however doesnt mind the dogs shes always rubbing on them! Bella and the dogs they can be close but not to close because she gets mad lol, and Stormie dont mind them most of the time unless shes in one of her moods! So I guess the cats are the dominant animals in the house, also its funny because jasmine goes to willie to try to get her head cleaned all the time from him
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I had all of my cats when I adopted my 2 dogs. We're the alpha's, followed by the cats, then the dogs. We set up that pecking order because we knew that our "puppies" would grow up to be very large dogs one day. Spike is 95 pounds.

Stumpy (the alpha cat) pretty much put the puppies in their place when they were young. They were terrified of him for a long time. Over time I realized that the reason Stumpy did that was because he actually LOVES to snuggle with dogs and he wanted them to calm down so that he could do that. Scarlett still smacks them when they invade her space (she's 7 pounds) and its funny to watch them back down.

If a cat is asleep on the sofa, the dog has to ask permission from us if they want to join us. It's always funny to see the looks on the dogs face when they run up to the sofa for a snuggle with me, see the cat and get a panicked look on their face, wondering if I'm going to let them up. I always have final say.

But we have rules in the house that reverse that role. If a cat attempts to eat the dog food, the dogs are allowed to growl and even give them a little nip if they don't back off.

This pecking order makes the dogs accept the cats as part of their pack and they will protect the feral cats that I care for. The pecking order does not prevent the dogs from alerting us to strangers that come up to the house. They realize that the cats aren't going to protect the pack.
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The cats were all raised around the dogs so they pretty much get along with no problems at all.

When we got Hanna I was sort of surprised the cats were afraid of her. They all hid upstairs for several days. Only my Jasper would even get close to Hanna. We were not sure if it was because she was brave of if she drew the short straw

Eventually they all came out and they rub against Hanna and give her regualr head butts now.

Hanna never growls at the cats at all. She is so chill that they don't even phase her. I think she wanted to chase them at first but being out number 8 to one I think might have changed her mind LOL

Queenie will only growl if they are to close to her face when she is eating. She is really friendly and will snuggle with my alpha female. If the other cats come up and sleep next to her that is okay too but they don't do it often.

Cassie Girl is the only one that does not care to much for the cats. She is never mean to them and she does not chase them but if they start rubbing on her she sometimes makes a small growl. I think it more of a personal space issue.

Other than that they pretty much all live in harmony. The cats do not dominate the dogs or visa versa.
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I have two cats and one dog. The dog is half chow half sheltie. He is petrified of the cats!!!! He is also afraid of my parakeets. He is such a sweet, lovable dog.

The three animals each have their own spaces. The two cats cannot be in the same room with each other. I have never seed all three pets in one room together.

All three are so anti-social towards each other, its pathetic.
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Well, we have two large dogs, and 3 cats...

And, the alpha thing tends to flucuate...sometimes the cats rule, the dogs drool, and other times the cats flee and the dogs...pee? Sorry, couldn't come up with a better one there. I think you know what I mean.

Really, though, my lab/chow/rottie female dog tends to rule the roost. Ripley (the torti queen bee cat) will sometimes get the best of Puppy, though.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Of course DH and I ARE the pack leaders and she knows it. She's allowed to some extent on bossing the cats - usually breaks up their squabbles like a big sister
Same here. Otherwise the kitty would get hurt by the biggest dog (he is pushy, he is not aggressive though). The girl animals in the house (beside the kitty) walk ALLL over the huge male for the most part (who is only dominant and pushy with the kitty). So much so, one wouldn't let him get drinks, play with toys, or basically do anything fun. So we had to step in for the poor kid! He deserves to play too! For the most part, the zoo gets along really well with a little direction from us
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