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Originally Posted by urbantigers View Post
If she refuses to see a doctor then give your GP a ring and hopefully s/he will be able to do a house call when you explain that you can't get her to a doctor.
I would tell her that if she does not go to the doctor willingly that one will be coming to see her.
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It's been nearly a month since a reply on here... anyone else curious about what happened since then?
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I would like to know how things are going also.
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thankyou for all your concerns!
and i do apoligise for not updating sooner! We got a doctor to the house that morning and she came down to see him. He talked to her and they discussed possible illnesses but he ruled out all her symptoms. He also asked her about a possible eating disorder and many questions to go with it. Then he said that it was just a scare and nothing serious. apparently teenagers get this kind of thing often?.. like a phase. But she is coming along great now! and we hope to be off to spain very shortly!
my love to everyone who was concerned and all of your help! I feel deeply sorry for the people who have shared there stories of related illnesses and eating disorders my heart reaches out for you.
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