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Teddy the Jungle Kitty

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So Teddy went on a prowl today.......aint he looking big now
pls ignore the wall we are in the middle of a major project with it

think he'd spotted a butterfly what a serious business prowling is

he always comes up to the check the camera ....... look at his white bib hairs - cute - match his one white eyebrow whisker
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Ann, he is just so sleak and shiny looking..He is just a "stud muffin."
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He IS a total stud muffin. Ginger wants to know if he is old enough to go on a date yet.
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awsome pictures. Such a looker! And love the plants in the background!
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looks just like a panther! Rawr!!!
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post

I love this picture!
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Teddy is so handsome!
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Awww You just wanna squish him
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Awesome pics Ann, he's so handsome
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Very studly man he is!!
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great pics, heh i am jungle kitty hear me roar!!!!
hehe heyu has the little white chest hairs also.
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o man stormie, bella and blue are all saying MEOOOW

I just looove teddy photos he is just such a cutie pie, and those pics are soo great I love that one white eyebrow whisker he is just too cute
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Teddy wheres your loin cloth!
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what a gorgeous boy!!
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He is very handsome
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I'll bet he's a good little hunter! What a cutie pie!
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looks just like a panther! Rawr!!!

My thoughts exactly what a gorgous boy he is and you just know that he believes he stalking throw the jungle
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He`s looking so good!
I love your garden too.
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