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Who owns a digital camera and what kind do you have?

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We just got the newest Sony Cybershot... put me back $1000. Im still trying to learn how use the silly bugger... I swear Ive never had so much trouble getting a camera to focus or have sharp photos as I do with this one.

We got the Sony Cybershot 717...
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Well we have one, but I have no idea what it is!! hahaha!! Oh wait, it migth be an Olympus?!!??! Oh who knows, I probably just made that up!!! :LOL:
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We have a Kodak DX4900 here is a link to there site and our specific camera - it is fantastic!

We did get a larger storage disc so we can take more pics at a time.
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We have a Sony Mavica! It will put your photos on a disc or chip! My hubby and i did a photo shoot at Petco last year with it. You could take 4 poses per disc at high res. We offered the photos 4 on a sheet printed or they could buy the disc! I use it to take photos of my kittens for my web site too! We have to take about 15 to 20 shots of each kitten to get one good photo!
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we have the kodak dx 3500. It's pretty good, but I recommend the 3600 which is the same camera with zoom. We're borrowing this one from my parents (more like permanent loan) until we can get one of our own.
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My boyfriend just had to buy a new digital for work. He bought the Sony Cybershot DSC P71. I took some test pics of Nakita and they turned out well.

We didn't have much time to use it since he had to take it to work. I was impressed. Then again, I'm use to his old work camera which only had 2 megapixels. This one is 3.2 and what a difference! When I crop the pic and zoom in the detail was really good.

I'll post the pics when he gets back.
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We have a Polaroid PDC 700. Bought it about 3 years ago for $389.00.

We love it, takes great pics, very easy to use, and has lots of bells and whistles if we ever need them.

Highly recommended.
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Im sure Im doing something wrong. Im just use to a point and shoot and this one doesnt work that easily. A lot of bells and whistles...
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I feel like a piker - I have a Vivitar Vivcam 10. Cheap, at $50 and not very good. Now that I'm getting better, with this computer stuff, I want an HP Photosmart. Its cheaper than the Kodak and the dock is included.
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I've got some kind of olympus. It's not a fancy one or anything but it does all I need.
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I absolutely LOVE those pics! The facial expressions make me laugh every time I see them! :laughing2 :laughing2
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Missy/Milo girl...


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OMG!!! Those pics are great!!! That first one makes me wanna shout "waaaazzuuuuuuuuuuuuup"!!! :laughing: YOu HAVE to enter that in the caption this forum!
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Great pics!
We also have Sony Mavica, it's 4 years old, but a great camera! We take pics to floppy disks and then move them to our comp, so easy that a blond like me, can do it :tounge2:
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A few months ago I bought the Olympus C-4000. I love mine. I still can not work everything but I can take pictures. I have to sit down to read my book sometime so I can do all it does. LOL
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We've got a Sony Mavica too, and I still love it. Ours puts the pics on floppy disk, which is so convenient. Unfortunately I don't think they make them with that option anymore. The size of the photos with all those megapixels are too big for floppies.

Of course, hubby wants a new one, but since we mainly just take pics of the cats and stuff to sell on ebay I think it does great.
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