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Pics of Middie & Clan

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Here are some pics of Middie and the Clan :

Hope you Guys Like These Cute faces, they all look identical lol

- .K.andy.C.harly.M.andy

p.s. This is right after i searched my room for the kittens, since middie decided to roll them in towels and hide them underneath my bed.... mmmph.... headaches... headaches...
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Very cute! It looks like they will all turn out to be as pretty as mama Some of the pics didn't show up though. You might try making them smaller.
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aww been waiting for these what a bunch of cuties they are and moma looks really well and doing what comes naturally even hiding them for you

sweet just so sweet
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I have sliding windows, in my room that leads to the next room, because my room has no "real" windows, and are very easy to slide, one of the other cats opened the window and eventually got in.. so what she did she hid them in towels so they couldnt find them.. lol.. smart.. (i wasn't home)
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Oh.. how cute! Those kitties are so adorable. I have been waiting to see these pics!!
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How cute!!!! I really can't wait for mine to have babies now LOL
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Lol.. thats what i said, until i got them.. boy, oh boy, are they handful... of love.. lol..
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They truly are gorgeous! Keep the pics coming!
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Don't you just hate litters that all look the same Congrats
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They are precious!!! I'm so glad to see them.
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They are so cute, i love kissing the kittens faces, so soft, so beautiful, just wanna be with them forever.... They are just like us, but more fur to cuddle
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I have 4 new kittens and I'm trying to handle my daughter wanting us to keep them all! Are you planning on keeping any of the kittens?
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Honestly.. If i could i would... But i can't... i already have 6 cats and a dog.. and another 5... i don't know... it's really expensive, and they take a lot of work.. i already spend alone on cats well over $100 a week... and imagine i buy 40 cans of wet food a 16kilo bag of dry food.. and other necessities for them.. i really want to keep them all..but i can't and I'm sure I'll be able to find good homes for them.. But if you decide to keep them... i mean you have to weigh the pro's and the cons.. if i were your little daughter I'd probably cuddle them and kiss them and hang out with them... actually i prolonged giving my other 4 kittens away, that my parents actually couldn't do anything about it.. evil i know...)

anyhow good luck with your decision

Lots of Love: Stephy aka: KCM
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aww they really are gorgeous! Bet its busy in your household!!
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They are sooooooo cute!!!!! I just love them when they're that small. What dolls!!!
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oh I shouldn't have looked at the pics, now I have kitten fever really bad! they're beautiful! Congratulations.
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Congrats and the babies are soooo cute I will watching for some more adorable pic's
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