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What Do you All Think

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of Azmira cat food? http://www.azmira.com/

I have purchased some of their wet food and my kittens all love it, however I am afraid that this food is made at Menu. I sent them an email and here is the response that I got. No where did they answer my question which shows to me that they do make this food at Menu. Even though it doesn't contain any wheat or corn I still fell unsafe using it. The fact that they don't tell me yes or no makes me very nervous. I would like to know if anyone knows about this food, company and has experiences with it.

“Thank you for your question.

NO Azmira products are part of the Menu or other brand recall. Azmira has never had a product recall and we believe our insistence of high quality ingredients and production methods have been great part of this track record.

Due to some of the unethical business practices of our competitors, the location of our production facilities is proprietary information. We do not wish to be pushed out of yet another facility by a larger company.

NO Azmira products contain (nor have they ever had; nor will they ever in the future) contain wheat gluten meal. Our products are made with only top quality ingredients, which wheat gluten is NOT!
If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 800-497-5665. “

Here is my email to them:


I would like to find out if any of your canned food made by Menu company. Do you have your own plant to make your wet and dry food?

Thank you,“
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IT is nothing I would feed .... corn wheat and soy in the same formula ...NOPE sorry not here .. the wet has quite a bit of grain and GARLIC which I wont serve...

They are also evading the Question of is it made by Menu at all..
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Just got off the phone with them and they will not say "yes" or "no" if their product is made by Menu. They are super concerned about being kicked out of the food maker. I am thinking it's very sad that a company won't give information out to consumers that have every right to know. I told them that I will be taking their entire product back to the store exchanging it for Felidae ONLY. Also I told them that I feel much safer to feed my animals Natura knowing that their canned food is made at Menu but a different plant. So at this point I am very uncomfortable to feed my kittens this food. I will have them all on Felidae ONLY at this point.
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I never heard of the brand. Guess I'd skip using it if you feel its unclear.
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My personal rule of thumb is that if a company refuses to say whether their product is manufactured by Menu, that's the same as saying that it is. And in any case, I wouldn't feed my babies anything from a company that isn't straightforward with its customers.
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