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Taking My Cat in the Car...Help!

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I posted in another thread but need to get an answer soon as possible!

I have to take my cat on a long trip (about 16 hours) in the car. I have tried to get him used to it by taking him on rides around town. What freaked me out the first time is that he was 'open mouth panting'. Is this something to worry about? He cried a bit and then he would only meow every once in awhile....I do have a carrier but would like him to be out of it for part of the drive. My daughter will be in the back seat and she can hold him or let him sit next to her and pet him. He does have a harness and leash....

Any advice to make this trip easier on him?
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check your PM box
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Be sure the car is not too hot - put the A/C on if needed or open some of the windows for cross venilation.

I do NOT recommend them being out of a carrier and loose in the car - even with harness/collar on. To easy to panic and get tangled up or leap out of the car when it stops. The safest place is INSIDE the carrier.

Try putting a towel over the carrier so he won't see too much - usually that helps keep them quiet.

Do not sedate the cat while driving - most cats don't have good reactions to sedations (even tho a vet may say its ok).
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The carrier we have is quite large, plenty of room for him. I guess I was mainly concerned about the panting, it freaked me out! The harness will stay on him all the time, with the leash being nearby.
Would it help if I bring some of his 'used' litter from his box (in a plastic bag of course) so that he will use the temp litter box?
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That would be a good idea - just use a small amount of used litter
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my Medley used to do this, then she would throw up. she got motion sick - the only cat i've ever had who did. i got her some tranquilizers from the vet whenever we had to take trips more than 10 minutes or so long... moving, basically. vet trips were ok - she'd pant, & foam at the mouth, but she wouldn't get to the upchuck stage.
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I don't recommend letting the cat run around in the car loose. I have learned this from experience! He was in the back seat and since I was driving I couldn't really keep an eye on him. Well I guess he crawled under the driver seat and layed down up by my pedals. I was sooo scared it was hard for me to hit the brakes with him in the way! Please put him in a large carrier, like you have, he will be fine!
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The panting is because he is hot. Just like humans when your kitty is nervous he gets hot. Make sure you set the car temp to what he wants. Also having a cat in a carrier seems to work best. It's safe for both you and your kitty. Having to pick up a cat or keep them from going under your feet is very unsafe to do while driving! We take our cats for an hour ride every 2-3 weeks. At first they are always whinny but quite down after 10-20 mins. Although I have noticed that if they have been quite for a while and start really yeowling at you, get them to the litter box!!!! Good luck!
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