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Winter storm watch

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The National weather service in Green Bay has issued a winter storm watch for tomorrow!! We can get starting late tonite 4-6 inches of snow which may be mixed in with sleet.
What's up with this weather??? I was cleaning up a perennial bed yesterday afternoon and had to stop as is started snow and coming down hard.
I have a few potentially upset clients as I haven't started any "spring" cleanup yet!!
Will spring ever return???
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The weather this year has been very unusual I think for most of the US. I am waiting for spring again...
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It's slowly on it's way up! We are back into near normal temps down here.
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I better make sure we have gas for the snowblower!!
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We also have a winter storm watch for this Thursday..Last Wednsday we had a terrible storm 1 1/2 feet of heavy wet snow..Power went out in the night and we did not get power back until Sat at 5:00pm...almost 4 days with no power..We stayed warm with the wood stove but having a well we had no water..Trees down ,limbs worst storm in years! A few days before that I had cleaned out most of my gardens ..Now I have branches all over the lawn broken branches hanging from trees I have to cut down if we could reach!
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All I can say is.....WHAT HAPPENED TO SPRING????
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It's been crazy hasn't it? A week ago it was 80 degree in Cincy, then it dropped into the 30's during the day and into the teens overnight. We had snow flurries on Easter and one of the local weather people said it was 6 degrees colder than on Xmas. That's just not right!
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It's snowing here. Southern MN here. We could potentially see 5-8" by tomorrow noon...depends on how warm it gets.
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Seems like Mother Nature is rebelling against something, we had snow the day before Easter and all my annuals that I planted died! Well, I went to WalMart, fed up, and bought fake flowers and planted them. I have a large garden mostly perrennials so the couple of fake flowers brightened it up, I won't have to water AND they won't die because of the 20-30 temps we are having at night.
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Yup... we're gonna get snow too. We're supposed to get 3" tonight and another 4" tomorrow... wonderful. We're in the Winter Storm Watch, or something like that, too.
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