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Nervous but EXCITED!

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So..I haven't been around a WHOLE lot since I lost Bella. Too hard to read about all of the kitties. But I've been back lately and I've really enjoyed reading the posts. I'm hoping to get a new kitten this summer..I think I'm ready (but I'm going to be much more careful about the health of shelter kitties). ANYWAY....

Some of you may know, I am a first year law student right now but I am leaving after this year. Law just isn't for me. I am hoping to go home and get a teaching job. So, the wonderful faculty here set me up to observe at the Secondary school next first REAL classroom observation!! (I wasn't an education major!) I am nervous, but very excited. I believe I will be observing two High School English classes - one Honors.

Please send good vibes this way! I am hoping this will help me confirm my desire to teach...
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Good Luck, I hope you enjoy it.
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Good luck...good happy vibes sending your way!
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Good luck on your new kitty in the future. I hope he or she (or both, hint hint ) works out for you.

What made you change your mind from law to teaching? Sorry just being nosey.
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Hey guys! The observation went really well. I sat through two classes - a regular 11th grade English course and a 10th grade Honors English. It was fairly normal - they read along together from the text (The Crucible for the juniors and Julius Ceasar for the sophomores). I hope to use reading strategies that make the students read actively if I get my own students.. But it was a great experience to see how a private school is organized, etc.

To answer your question above, I went into law because I wanted to help people. I think I had in mind helping juveniles and families and custody issues and representing those who cannot afford an attorney. In reality, I still believe that lawyers really can help people in the end, but the process is 95 percent busy paperwork and form filing and 4 percent politics with maybe 1 percent of helping people. I definitely believe that the legal profession is worthy and worthwhile, I just no longer believe that it is what I would like to do for the rest of my life. I finally realized that there is a difference between being CAPABLE of doing something (passing law school courses) and being CALLED to do something (teaching). I feel like teaching would give me the opportunity to work with kids (as I wanted to do from the beginning) and help people at the same time...while also having a family life (which can be increasingly difficult as an attorney progresses in a firm).

I'm happy with my decision... I can't wait to move home and start kitty (and job) hunting!

Thanks for all of your vibes!
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congrats I am glad all went well today, and u found wat u want to do
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