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Umbilical cord.

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Pixies babies are 8 days now and doing very well, they have all over doubled their birth weights and beginning to open their eyes. I just have a question about one of their umbilical cords, with the tabby and ginger kit they have fallen off but black kit still has hers attached, it is longer than the others were, but I thought it would've fallen off by now - is this anything to worry about? It's all dried up and have been thinking it will fall off at any minute!

Will be posting some newer pics soon - they are growing like weeds!

Thanks anyway.
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I'm sure it will fall off soon . When in doubt, you can always call the vet and ask. Just make sure that there aren't any signs of infection (redness, swelling, etc. ).

There is a kitten growth/milestone chart thingy around here somewhere- I'll see if I can find you the link...

Here we go- hope this helps:

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one of Annes kittens didnt lose her cord untill she was about 10 days old after her eyes had opened. lillys litter lost theres at about 4 days old , i was getting worried to. but like catsallover said as long as there is no redness or its not inflamed i wouldnt worry.
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