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Are you compuslive?

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Lee informed me the other day that I was compulsive. I found some really great deals on some cross stitch stuff on ebay. It was a lot of 7 or 8 items that retail for $8+ each around here. I got them for $10 plus shipping total. And I ordered a few hard to find items. Some USA samplers and some other cute things. Then I was in Hobby Lobby and found a mouse pad with butterflies marked down with an additional 30% off. Clearly too good to pass up. He would do the smae thing with his go kart stuff so why does that make ME compulsive?

So I my question is are you compulsive like me when you find great deals?
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umm well I dont think you can put 'complusive' and 'shopping' in the same sentence

but then I love shopping and a girls just gotta do her shopping
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lol coming from a guy, stand point, and from my view.
unless you need it, but you buy it anyway cause its on sale,
then that is complusive

next questinon what cross stitch stuff did you get lol.
i really need to lean to do that, i found a couple patterns i lwant to try ... psst but dont tell anyone
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
next questinon what cross stitch stuff did you get lol.
i really need to lean to do that, i found a couple patterns i lwant to try ... psst but dont tell anyone
Oh Bruce, tut-tut, you really make me laugh
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If I don't need it then why buy it- sale or no sale. I guess I'm not compulsive.
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But it will get used and it will save me money in the long run cause when I get to those projects i won't have to buy them!
Bruce I got some really cute God Bless America and USA samplers that are all red white and blue, The mouse pad is so cute! Butterlies in grass all over it, a wedding sampler for my best friend who gets married next month (I hope I finish by then! ) And a palm tree, and some grapes, and a few other cute ones from the lot. Oh yeah I also bought a bookshelf with cat books and cats on it, and al ittle girl picking up seashells on the beach.
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I think you are just female.

Jazzy got 5 pairs of flip flops in her Easter basket.... look they were glittery sparkly flip flops, and only $3 a pair, she HAD to have them in every color!
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I am glad that I am normal with this! I know Lee would buy everything under the sun for his go kart if he caught sales for 1/8th the price and all of that!!
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Does buying two cheese wedges with a total of 120 furry mice in them off eBay for a great deal count?
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lol no such thing as wasted cheese., and the mice would give the cats a chance to earn there keep
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I think I go in streaks for shopping. I'm not as bad as I used to be-since I no longer work in an office I don't need as many clothes (or shoes)-which is hard for me not to buy as where would I wear these clothes now??
However I can still do damage at certain types of stores-if something is on sale and I know I can/will use it I buy it!!
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If you're going to use it, and you buy it on sale, then you're thrifty, not compulsive, and he should be happy! . Now if you buy insulated gloves and an isulated ski coveralls because they were marked 50% off, and you live in somewhere like Hawaii, and you aren't planning on traveling and don't snow ski, nor are you giving it as a gift to someone in, say, New York, then that would be compulsive... !
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I'm a compulsive cat food shopper. I just can't stop buying it when it's on offer even when I already have enough to feed all the cats on TCS. I've had to leave it in the car boot sometimes because I've had nowhere else to put it. At least it will all get used up eventually and I know I'll never run out of cat food!
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You are just saving future money!

After 30 years of marriage I just have to say this - my hubby says I'm not good with money. Right. I've always had a saving plan and have bailed him out a number of times by paying off his Visa. I will spend money on things for the house such as new dish cloths, place mats or such stuff and he says I waste money. He on the other hand is very "frugal" (I now fully understand where the saying Dutch Treat comes from), but he'll spend megabucks on things that are important to him - big screen TV (we now have 4 TV's in our small bungalow - 2 of which are just sitting in the basement), a new video camera every couple years and new digital camera each year for the last couple. Now to me that is a complete waste of money - we don't need 4 TV's, and we certainly don't need all these cameras. Bottom line - if it's something he wants it isn't a waste.

I'm starting to become the "frugal" one in the family and find I'm getting really annoyed with his spending.
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