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Well, she went into labor (as far as I could tell) about 6am this morning.

I have her shut up in the library with her sister and her sister's kittens, but she has an area blocked off that the other kittens (six weeks old), can't get to her and bother her. She's none too pleased (she's never like being restrained/caged up - I had to let her out of the dog crate because she was literally banging herself against the wall). I have a box that's covered with another box - creating like a little cave, thta she's been in and out of. Hopefully she settles down into it, then I can relax! She's up and walking around and meowing alternatively at the door and then me at the moment.

Guess who is not going to work today!
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ooo more babies on the way
Sending lots of soothing and calming birthing ((((((( vibes )))))) let us know when No.1 arrives
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Currently, she's just pacing around, still unhappy about being stuck in the library But she's going back and forth to the box I set up for her, so I take that as a good sign.

I'm so over-nervous :P How long should I wait for the first one before I start to worry? She's a small framed cat, with a HUGE belly! She did go into the vet last Thursday, and they saw nothing to worry about then.
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Every cat is different, some start straight away, some, like yours may take longer before the 1st one is born, as long as she is calm, warm and has a place she feels safe to have the kittens in she will do it all by instinct.
How long has it been now ? have you seen any physical signs, like blood from her behind ?

Sorry I am on Spanish time, so not sure of your times
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She's not particularly calm, as she wants out of the library Heh. I keep laying down on the couch and she'll come cuddle up with me for a few minutes at a time, so it seems like she does want me around.

No blood that I noticed, but her behind is wet. I noticed her seeming like she went into labor about two hours ago.
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aww she is just looking for a place to give birth Just keep things calm as she will sense things if you start getting stressed.

Once labor begins, she will start to purr rhythmically and breathe heavily. Birthing will start soon as her contractions increase.

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Mooficat has made some good suggestions. Keeping her calm at this point is good. I noticed that Butterball was in labor right before 11:00 and she didn't have her first baby until right before midnight. She would growl with every pain and try to push with the contractions. I had to put her in her nest and stay with her the whole time or she would get up and follow me to whereever I was going. There was some rust colored liquid (watery blood) that came out right before she delivered her first. Keep us posted on how she is doing. I don't think you have to worry just yet.
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Sounds like babies are comming soon for you!!!!!
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Woohoo more paceing floors today huh....Were gonna have a busy day today

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So many babies this week! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your girl. Hope everything goes well.

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I hope all goes well. Hopefully you will have beautiful, healthy kittens soon! I'll be looking for updates. I'm on kitty watch too; waiting is soo hard! =)
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Any kittens yet?
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Originally Posted by TiffanyL View Post
Any kittens yet?
I keep checking back in - hope alls OK
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I hope all goes well!
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Sorry it took so long to get back with you guys!

I ended up calling my vet as a precaution about 2 1/2 hours after I first noticed mom going into labor. My vet said to go ahead and bring her in just to be safe. It's a good thing I did! They did an xray, and found that one of the kittens was sideways, and blocking the birth canal.

So, they did a C-section. There were five kittens, but unfortunately the one that was blocking the birth canal didn't make it They said that it looked like she maybe had a couple breedings, and this one was just too premature.

Mom came out of the anestesia, and was none too pleased. She didn't bite or anything like that, just yowled at me when I looked at her

Unfortunately, she's not nursing the babies. I've put them up next to her, and she just looks at them, uninterested, and then goes to find another place to sleep. I have another cat that is nursing six week old kittens, who is more of a 'natural mother', and if lady-mama doesn't come around, hopefully she'll take these kittens on, too.

I'm honestly hoping it's just the after-effects of the anestecia, and that she'll perk up and start to nurse. In the meantime, I just gave the kittens their first round of bottle-feeding, they all have very full tummys, and are now curled up together in front of a rotating space heater.

If mom doesn't take to feeding them, it's gonna be a long few weeks
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oh im sorry that your girl has gone through all of this.give her a day and she should come around , my lilly did the same thing when she had her c section. good luck with the bottle feeding i had to do all this aswell , as her milk didnt come through. but after about 24 hours or so she started taking an intrest in her only survieing kitten who later died as they was all prem.
that would be great if your other cat will take the kittens on if mum dosnt. good luck and let us know how you get on.
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Well, here is a picture of the kittens Mom is sitting about 2 1/2 feet away, sleeping soundly, and hopefully working off the anestesia (gee, I can't spell )

I put a soda can in the picture for size-comparison. So tiny!

(There is actually four in that picture )
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Good news! I think the anaesthesia wore off, and mom looks like she's feeling better. We put two of her kittens next to where she was laying down, she let them nurse, and now is cleaning all of them!

So, nothing to worry about I guess if someone cut into my uterus, I'd be a little irritated for the rest of the afternoon as well
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I'm so happy all worked out. Thank goodness mom is being mom to the babys...YAY
Congratz to both of you.
Pets from me
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The babys are very cute... so pretty i luv wittle babys....Aww
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I did wonder if you had gone off to the vets - things did go quiet

Well I am so pleased everthing turned out well and Lady-mama is nursing her babies you are right she wsa just probably really cheesed off about the surgery

The babies look well, keep us posted on their progress.......and some photos when you can
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They babies are adorable!! Glad all is okay.
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aw thats great she is letting them nurse. and there lovely. thank you for the update
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Sounds like things started a bit rough but seems like all is going good now I will be watching for updates Congrats They are just sooo cute. Give mom some rubs for me
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Wow thats great! Tood bad that she had to have a c-section and that one of them didnt' make it . but otherwise it sounds like everythingis good. and they are VERY cute! any name ideas yet?
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How is Lady-mama today? Those tiny babies are just precious, little fluffy peanuts. Looks like they might end up with long hair. Would love to see pictures of Lady too.
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