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How Do You Ship Your Cats?

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I figure Breeders are the right people to ask this question, as many of you must have to deal with "shipping" cats, no?

I'm not a breeder. I guess I'm kind of a rescuer! But I have to get a stray cat gone feral from New Jersey to Oregon. She is tame (and spayed). But she is tame only with us (people she knows).

Do we just put her in a crate, take her to the airport, and have her new mom pick her up in Portland when she arrives? Do I make special arrangements with the airlines?

Should I get a rabbit-like water bottle to attach to the outside of her crate to ENSURE that she has water while traveling?

Any thoughts or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!


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As a breeder, I won't ship kittens or cats at all. However, the normal for transportation is by airplane. You have to make a reservation with the airline in advance and pay the airfare. Then when the plane arrives at it's destination, the person would be there to pick the cat up. If it's a fairly quick or direct flight, you dont need water. Sometimes it can make them sick, and you don't want them to be sick in a small carrier. However, if there may be a long layover, the bottles with a stopper in them would be best.
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You will also be required by the airline to have a health certificate. You can get this from the vet. You may also want to send some dry food so that if there is a long layover kitty can eat. I think the airline will ask you to have the dish that is divided that attaches to the carrier. This way food and water can be given. I am not sure if they will allow the rabbit bottle. You will have to ask the airline. It costs around $155- $200 to ship a cat. I hope I have been helpful. Delta Dash is the best way to ship. This link may be helpful. http://www.delta.com/travel/trav_ser...argo/index.jsp
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Thank you so much!!!!!

I hate to ask - but I have another question.

We're trying to get our stray, Booger (a Maine Coon) from NJ to Portland. I've worked with Maine Coon Rescue to find her new home - which I'm really excited about because the woman sounds great.

Maine Coon Rescue does NOT want us to send her by plane. I've heard all the horror stories about it, and I understand the arguments against it. HOWEVER - what they seem to be proposing is arranging a "shuttle" of sorts - or a relay, really, of drivers that would drive her cross country.

But wouldn't two hours at Newark, five hours to Portland, and then however long it takes to get picked up be FAR LESS traumatic than being cooped up in a crate for several days with strange people, and being let out in strange homes for the nights, etc.? This is an outdoor stray gone feral, who is not just generally friendly with people.

I just can't imagine that the horrors of air travel would be worse than spending days getting cross country in a car!


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I understand not wanting to put a cat on a plane, but from what you are saying, it may be less stressful to go from one person to the other on a plane. I travel with the cats often, and even with them being well adjusted cats, they can get stressed on long trips in the car.
The airlines will let you tape some food to the carrier, and they do allow the water bottles on the cage. If you use the dishes with a divider, the water spills and the cat ends up sitting in water for the ride.
I would also suggest to these people that if they are willing to make the effort to drive, why not buy a plane ticket and fly with the cat in the cabin under the seat. This would ensure the cat was safe for the trip.
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She works for an airline and she is willing to ferry cats on board the plane, not in cargo. She will pick up your kitty at the airport and deliver it to the person waiting at the next airport. If anyone is interested in using her services let me know and I will give you her email addy. Your kitty will never have to wait to be unloaded from cargo!
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Hi there Laurie,
I am a breeder and we ship our kittens all the time with terrific results.
It can be very simple...if you make it simple.
Please feel free to contact me and I'll get your kitty all ready for it's first air plane ride!

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Teresa - I would take you up on that suggestion, but Maine Coon Rescue contacted me this morning and said that a flight attendant that is part of their network notified them that she has a Philadelphia - Portland (non-stop) run on Tuesday, and she can take Booger with her in First Class!

Needless to say, we'll be purchasing a rabbit-water bottle to strap to the front of the crate, and we'll send her along with a bag of her favorite treats and food. We've got her catnip in a rope knot - we'll be playing with that with her the next few days to make it "hers," so that'll go with her too.

I have contacted some of you, and thank you so much for your recommendations about how to make Booger more comfortable on her trip!

I wasn't able to find Pet Nutridrops that can get here in time, but I did find a local pet store that carries an herbal de-stress rememdy that the owner swears by. I haven't purchased it yet, but I'll post details when I have them.

Again, thanks for all.

Laurie (and Booger)
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Here are some links that you and others might find usefull. As a breeder, I don't ship my babies, and I am in no way endorsing any of these companies, nor do I know their track record.

Pet Express


Pet Chauffuer

Pet Taxi

Happy Tails Travel

Hope this helps.... But remember, let the buyer beware.
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Thanks! The links (including Delta Dash) have been very helpful.


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Just a quick note to add. I have had all of my cats shipped to me as it is hard to find nice persians close to my home. And American airlines is running a special right now it is approx. 75.00 per crate to ship a cat right now. and you can call them and they will give you all of the info to get your cat ready for its flight.
Good luck!
P.S. I commend you on your rescue efforts.
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