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I fell down tonight. I was in a hurry to catch a bus home from class so I wouldn't have to wait 30 minutes for the next one. Downtown Portland is going thru a huge overhaul to make room for a new transit mall. Many streets are torn up. So, I was race walking to the bus stop and tripped over some uneven concrete/tar stuff and went KABOOM! Looked up and all I could see were car lights headed my way. Nothing was moving too fast due to the roads, so wasn't in danger.

Now I am not a small person - it hurt like heck and of course I started crying. Felt like a complete fool in front of the construction guys and the few other pedestrians. What I don't get is I had to ask someone to help me up. My leg wasn't working so well plus couldn't see from the tears. When did people stop offering to help someone when they fall? Maybe they thought I just looked ridiculous?

Because I was blubbering like a big fool, and really had to pee of course, I called my sister who just happened to be getting out of class too. She picked me up and brought me home.

My hands are sore, both knees hurt but the left one is swelling. Already starting to ache so I know tomorrow morning won't be fun.

Thanks for listening. In the overall scheme of things this is a little one. Not sure if my pride or my knee is hurt worse.
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Hope you feel better soon.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Hope you feel better soon.
You're sweet Thank you.
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Aw... Here's a Tylenol, a band-aid, and a helping hand for you!!

As for your pride, well, can I help by taking your mind off it by laughing at me being super clumsy? A while ago, I was getting OFF a bus, and almost missed the curb. Well, ALMOST is worse than missing. This was a high curb, and I twisted my ankle on the curb, then sliced my shin as I fell... I blocked everyone getting off the bus, everyone getting on, and become the center of (unwanted) attention of a very busy shopping center. I was crying and limping and bleeding, and didn't get offered a hand up, either.

I hope you feel better soon! Glad your sister was there to pick you up.
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Awe I hope u feel better soon

dont worry I am one of the most clumsiest people u will ever met, I remember last year I was in shcool and I had on my really high heels and well i didnt fall baceause of them I can walk in heels oddly the floor was slippy and I want KABOOM right in front of my WHOLE class, then of course I almost got in a fight because someone had made the remark of my shoes rather than helping me
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hug, i hope you feel better soon. i am bet the pride hurts more then the knee right now. maybe toss on some ice on the one knee?

its one of the rules , gravity is not are friend.
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Ouch i felt that from here I wouldn't have just walked on either if i saw someone fall over, thats terrible
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