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I agree with the vast majority of what everyone has written before me. It's about the number of animals you can give proper care. You just need to honestly recognize your limits.
Currently I have 2 kitties, 2 dogs, and a rabbit. That's our limit, especially financially, right now and when our financial situation changes and we have more space we plan to add another animal, but only when we're ready.
And I definitely agree that one pet to be responsible for is too many for some people. In fact I personally know people I don't think should have pets at all. I think we've all run across a situation like that.
But, yes, 15 cats may be smooth for some, while I know is just too many for me right now when it comes to money and space.
And also many, many people run into a rut financially and have trouble with some costs, but when you can no longer care for your animals' basics you have too many, IMHO. That's why I won't get another pet for a while because I'm at my limit for the time being.

Originally Posted by ClaireBear
I agree. The number of cats you should have varies between people. Someone could have 20 cats, be able to have the time and money to take care of them properly. I wouldn't consider that to be too many. But then another person could have just one cat, and not have the time or money to care for it properly. In that case even one can be too many. So it really depends on the individual. Not going over the number of cats you can comfortably take care of is the determining factor.
I definitely agree.
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Originally Posted by GrayFluffy View Post
I don't understand why it's so unacceptable to have as many pets as you are able to care for?
I think it is more about lack of exposure than anything else. Most people only hear about someone having a large amount of cats when hoarding is involved or the cats are being a nuisance to neighbors. If there isn’t an issue no one even notices, so no one sees the lengths responsible owners take to care for their cats regardless of numbers. I think that is also why you commonly see people misuse the terms “hoarder” and “collecting” when talking about someone with a lot of cats. I think a lot of good owners are afraid to talk about the number of cats they own because they don’t want to be labeled at such or are afraid it might cause trouble, which is a shame because then people don’t ever get the chance to see that people can provide quality care for a large amount of animals.
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I think there is a limit to how many cats you can have - even relative to how much space you have. And it depends on the temperament of the cats too. I have two, but we're living in 63m2 and we have two girls. It was a miracle that we managed to get them to accept and like one another, given that they're not related and there is a two year age gap. Plus the fact that the one of them is brain-damaged! I think our older girl has accepted that Bootie isn't "normal" and can't jump - but it's wonderful to see them lie together and play games

If I could, I would take them all, though.
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i agree with everyone else, im in the same situation.
i have 8 cats that are mine , well they let me live here. i have a stray who comes and goes as he pleases.
i have another who im looking to find a good home for , i have a mum and 2 kittens aswell.
i was going to keep the mum and kittens , but recent problems with money i have had to find homes for them , so once there 12 weeks old and mum is spayed they are going to a lovely home all 3 of them , a friend of mines sister in law is homing them, and paying for the spays and kittens injections while there still here. which is fantastic , but i relised it just wouldnt have been fair to keep them here.
so for now i will not be taking on any more cats/kittens , but it wont stop me rescuing them if needed.
i get called the cat lady aswell lol. but some people hear how many cats i have and look disguested with me , so unless there close friends and family i dont bring the subject up.
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
, so unless there close friends and family i dont bring the subject up.
I can't even bring the subject up around family. Some of family fits into the "general category" of thinking it's not normal to have more than a few pets. My friends don't care and they know the care and time I put into taking care of them.
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If I were a retired millionaire, there would be no limit. I would probably be sitting at somewhere near 50-100.

Since I am not a retired millionaire, I would say that the only limit should be time and money.
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2 is my personal limit since I have 4 dogs to care for as well.

I think if you can properly feed, afford medical attention, and have the time to spend with your cats, etc... there is no limit but you shouldn't get in over your head. same goes for dogs, horses, and any other animal IMO.
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