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Why are people so rude,sorry need to rant, long

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So today I had to work the demo station at Trader Joes. Normally its a really chill position. Well today people were just flat out rude. I was demoing our ready to eat steamed carrots and I added Earth Balance(non dairy butter) and Organic Brown Sugar. Emploies loved them but the customers, not so much. No one would bother to read the description on the demo stand to find out what they were eating. No one would listen to me either. When someone came up tp try the sample I told them what it was, where to find it and how to prepair the carrots. Seems simple enough right? Not for most people. People complained that they were to sweet, not sweet enough, not warm enough, to warm, you name it they complained about it. I stayed sweet the hole time, apoligized if they did not like it or anything. The clincher of the whole thing is its FREE FOOD. Some people just need to complain and I think I met everysingle one of them today. Stop complaining, its free. If you don't like it, sorry but you lost nothing and it helps us know how people feel. Please don't take it out on me I just heat and serve. I get no tips I do it cause I want to. And please don't complain about the fact that it has an ingrediant you don't like, after you ate it. If you would just stop and read or listen to what I am saying you could have avoided it in the first place. Plus again, ITS FREE FOOD!

Sorry its so long, people just frustrated me today.
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I am so over rude people, especially in the "day" world!
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You can't please everyone. And not everyone can expect to like the same food. We all have acquired taste buds and if you don't like what you're eating, just walk away. Don't beat yourself up, you handled yourself well, if it was me i'd be ripping peoples head off
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What I hate especially is that if you offered to do anything about it, they'd of backed off. I had someone come storming over already complaining about something that was wrong before (not even my dept mind you) and pick something up... only to complain about a pretty minor defect within about five seconds of examining it. So, mid-rant, I page the manager of that dept and immediately customer stops the rant and says, oh, never mind I'll just deal with it.

Obviously she just wanted to whine, and it wasn't a big enough deal that anything actually needed done... so why are you complaining!

Something in the weather? Maybe that would have shut them up... Offer to make a whole new batch JUST for them. Although somebody probably would have said they wanted just that. Ridiculous.

Wear a t-shirt next time that says "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" and see if people get it. Maybe people don't know what samples are? I always give my opinion of the food being sampled... to the people I'm with, out of earshot. It's between me and the food, not the person who is handing them out!
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what days we all had today, people complain to much about the stupidest things, like my dad tonite complained because my mom got a shower before him and he has to be up at 6 am mind u it was 10-10:30 my mom took a 8 min shower, and he comes complaing bout it but then he didnt go to bed until almost midnight ! he was downstairs watching music videos !! But good for u for keeping ur cool at those people, i probly would have lost it people need to pay more attention and look at things, and not complain, i see ur point ITS FREE, u dont have to eat it! I remember I was at giant eagle and they had out sasuge links and it didnt look that good to me, so i just didnt try it! Well my mom bought it and i didnt like it i just feel bad if i say I dont like it u know! People need to stop complaining! But come on to be rude about it!
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I want free food

Sorry to hear you had a hard time, it seems that often people see a store employee and think they can take out all their petty frustrations on them
Have a hug
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You did good!
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sorry you had a bad day. i am not rude there, normally i just say no thank you.

err, can i have some free food also ?
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Thanks guys.

Free food? If you don't mind steamed carrots with vegan butter and brown sugar.

Sorry, this demo girl is done for the day but guess what, I get to do it again tomarrow. Same thing to. Boy I am looking forward to that.
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I love caramelised carrots

Not keen on vegan mayonnaise but I'd try anything once. Sounds a shame that you aren't serving exclusively to tcs posters as I'm sure they would never be rude
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Free food is always good in my book - and I will try anything once!!

Don't let them get you down - you did your job, and I bet there were some folks out there who tried it and discovered they liked something they had never tried before!!
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