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'Cos they've always been there - I've had my two since I was 8, I can't imagine life without some kind of cat now. They don't care if I'm having a bad day - They just carry on.

They're very caring, especially Snowball - If you start crying or get really upset, she comes and headbutts you until you stroke her and start to feel better.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
For lots of reasons.

They like to cuddle more than dogs.

You don't have to take a cat out for a walk several times per day.

Cats use a litter pan instead of needing to be paper trained.

They're quieter

They're more independent than dogs.

Cats can play independently where as a dog requires constant attention.

Cats give head butts, dogs don't.

Cats are cleaner than dogs.

Probably more reasons than that, but that's what comes to mind immediately.
Yes, I have to agree here. You have many reasons why I love cats.

I love all animals but cats are and always will be my absolute favorite animal..
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My kitties have always given me unconditional love, something I've never had from my parents.
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I identify with cats. Especially Zissou and I, I think, if I were a cat I would be a whole lot like her and if she were a person she would be a lot like me.

When I was little, I was always just as happy to play quietly by myself as with friends, and still though I love my friends I have no problem going out to eat or to a movie or even a bar by myself.

They're adaptable, and fun, and you know if a cat loves you you have earned it. I get annoyed by people or animals that are clingy (and what some consider normal I consider clingy) or demanding.

Cats have their own personality. Like, when you wonder what they think and what they would say if they could speak, you imagine things of actual substance.

And they're warm and cuddly and quiet. I think the quiet is one thing I really like. We're both very quiet, try not to make noise when we walk, etc.
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I love all sorts of animals. Cats are the ones that I love the most thanks to Twitch. I missed some high school because I was sick & my so called "friends" no longer talked to me....all I had at that time was Twitch. She was & will always remain the love of my life. I'll die the day she does.
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