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So,why do you like cats(both men and women please)

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Just got asked this by someone here in the office.
well first i dont just like cats, there are many animals that i like.
i would love to have a dog , but right now i cant take care of a dog.
as it would be hard for me to take him for a walk and i gone 50 hour a week with work, and that is not fair to dog.

As for cats, lol i think cats should be mans best friend not dogs.
cat are very good solo predator, i like the way they move. and how they are not really solitary animals, they dont really make packs like dog do. I would guess that the idea of this semi solitary anmial that is also such a good killer wants to follow me from room to room, wants to sit in my lap, and cural up next to me to sleep seems, better to me then a dog that wants to be part of a group. It seems to me that cat makes more of a choice that it wants to be with you. ..like this morning, when i went to bed both heyu and eazy followed.
and granted they did get up and eat during the day, but when i woke up, eazy was curled up next to my head, and heyu was in her nomal spot.

that my thinking how about you. and for the guys, do you ever get people saying cats are for women?
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Well i have and love all sorts of animals, but cats are my favorites and my favorite animal is a white tiger

I just dk y i love cats, i guess it would be the affect of my first cat boo, she was a halloween girl that was thrown out of a moving car so my mom went and got her and such and we grew up together pretty much! I remembered at one time I was very scared of her and everynight she would scratch at my door and I let her in, she was truly my cat and I miss her so much, when ever she had passed tho she waited for me to come home from school to be with her, and she lived a good 8 years with feline leukemia! But I guess thats why i love cats so much is the impact she had and by that moment of her scratching at my door to come sleep with me

But I love all animals, and well my house is a zoo!

Also i think it does have an impact that my grandma was a cat lady and i guess i inherited all of that from her, same with my mom and i guess just how my mom raised us But everyone in the family says i just have some connection with animals
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For lots of reasons.

They like to cuddle more than dogs.

You don't have to take a cat out for a walk several times per day.

Cats use a litter pan instead of needing to be paper trained.

They're quieter

They're more independent than dogs.

Cats can play independently where as a dog requires constant attention.

Cats give head butts, dogs don't.

Cats are cleaner than dogs.

Probably more reasons than that, but that's what comes to mind immediately.
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I'm a cat person because cats make me feel good. They make me laugh when I'm in a bad mood, they comfort me when I'm sick, they sense when I'm in a good, and engage me to play with them so we all have a load of fun.

Cats pick up on your mood and react to it. You look after them, and they show you unconditional love.

As soon as we go to bed, Smudge runs in, leaps onto DH's chest and headbutts his face, and rubs against his nose while purring away. Now if that isn't pure love, I don't know what is.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
As soon as we go to bed, Smudge runs in, leaps onto DH's chest and headbutts his face, and rubs against his nose while purring away. Now if that isn't pure love, I don't know what is.
as soon i go to bed, heyu will jump on my stomach and start to knead me, with eazy right behind, to head butt or to chew on my ear a little
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
They like to cuddle more than dogs.

Cats give head butts, dogs don't.
The dogs I grew up with were very cuddly, or tried to be. There's something about a huge 75lb pitbull trying to curl up in your lap like a cat that doesn't feel very nice.
I've had a few head butts too, accidentally when playing. Though a cat head butt doesn't knock you over and make you see stars.

I grew up with cats and always gravitated to them more even though we had dogs too. The general natural behavior of dogs really just tends to grate on my nerves sometimes, no idea why. DH isn't really a dog person either. I've known plenty of guys that couldn't resist little kittens, or baby talking them.
I also enjoying having reptiles as pets, it's not like they return any sort of affection - they can't, but maybe it's that they're more solitary and don't need me to guide them 24/7 that lets me appreciate them more, sort of how cats mostly take care of themselves.

Actually I have my answer, cats will give you space, dogs don't (or prefer not to).
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I to love animals, have had the pleasure of several relationships through the years with different ones. There is just some undeniable connection I have always experienced with cats! The longest I have ever been without one of my feline best friends, was 3 months, and it was the loneliest, most depressing time in my life ever! Although I must also say, I know that every beloved kitty I have had and do, there is a reason why we found each other. Maia is the center of my life, she makes me laugh when I want to cry, she pisses me off then cracks me up in the same breath, she trusts me and my guidance, and I would never let her down! As she never lets me down, without even knowing it!
There is also the simple fact that they are so soft and fun to pet, and undeniably have the cutest facial expressions!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
For lots of reasons.

They like to cuddle more than dogs.

You don't have to take a cat out for a walk several times per day.

Cats use a litter pan instead of needing to be paper trained.

They're quieter

They're more independent than dogs.

Cats can play independently where as a dog requires constant attention.

Cats give head butts, dogs don't.

Cats are cleaner than dogs.

Probably more reasons than that, but that's what comes to mind immediately.

I agree with all of those (especially the litter box one) except for the headbutting one... my dog gives headbutts more then my cat does.

Basically, I have all the same reasonsplus a few more.

Cats seem to be neater. Their talking is also extremely aorable, where a dog talking isn't really that pleasant. I do love my animals, though, so I can't pick favorites.
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Cats don't smell funny and jump all over you and bark 24/7. While I still love my German Shepherd, I still like cats better than dogs overall.
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The number one reason that I like cats is that they're HONEST They don't grovel for attention and they only like who THEY want to like. You may choose to bring home a cat but the cat ultimately chooses with whom to have a relationship. It can't be forced upon them and to me that kind of honesty is beautiful
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Seems this post has gone from "why you like cats" to "why do you like cats better than dogs?"

Well, I'm happy responding to both.

Why I love cats- number one reason is that they're independent, but love you unconditionally. Well, some cats. I was scared when we got Evie that she'd be like some cats I've known and be nothing more than a hiding, anti-social shadow to feed. More reasons I love cats: they're cute! They're smart. They're playful and silly. They're serious, they're relaxed. They're sassy and honest. They're feisty and lazy. They're just irresistable!!

Now for the second question. I know this may be dangerous on a cat site, but if I had to choose (I hate choosing!), dogs would be my favorite. Relationships between people and dogs and people and cats are totally different. It's like comparing apples and oranges, and, in my humble opinion, impossible to choose a favorite, and especially impossible to choose a "better".

The dog / human relationship, as it "should" be, is a working partenership, a team. Whereas a cat / human relationship is more of a friendship. I see it like, vaguely, my dog is like a spouse (without the romance! ). We work together, we bring out the best in each other. We face obstacles and overcome challenges. We have common goals and achieve them together. A cat is more like a friend. We don't have any obligation to each other, we don't "depend" on each other (I know cats depend on us for food, but that's not what I mean!). We have lots of fun together, and we're there for each other when we're needed. We're not a "working team", but we fit together like a hand and glove and can't imagine a life without the other in it!

I agree with every positive thing people have said about cats. How can you resist??

But, I don't agree with everything said about dogs. Dogs DON'T jump on you and bark 24/7, not if they're trained well, or if it's not in their personalities. Evie, however, does jump on me all the time and TALKS and talks!! I had to TEACH my dog to "speak", whereas I have to tell Evie to be quiet. My dog gives me as many head butts as my cat! Dogs can and do, a lot, play independently- like cats, they can play alone, or decide you want to play with them.

Well, enough about dogs on THE CAT SITE. Except one last word- I do agree that cats are MUCH cleaner than dogs!
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I like cats because...

They give me attention when I want attention too.

They appreciate me taking care of them.

They get excited when I bring home new toys for them.

They keep me company when I'm on the computer.

They each have their own personality.

And many more reasons...
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Like alot of the members I love all animals. And am connected to all of my babies. But with me there is a very special connection with me and my cat. And it probably has more to do with the fact that I am a bit of an introvert. And I am more of a solitary person. I like being around people but on my terms much like my cat. Although she is much worse than I am. I do let other people have there way once in a while. I just don't like to b e overwhelmed with people and my cat is much the same way. I do however want the people I care about around me and for the most part all of the time. And again that is much like my cat.
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I like cats because they give us conditional love. That may sound weird but it's all about free will.

Basically if you were to treat a cat really badly it wouldn't love you anyway. Cats know deep down that they can take care of themselves. They don't need others to survive. Thats how they are as a species. They're a very efficient predator that doesn't need to hunt in a group.

So when they choose to be with you and share their lives with you it's just magic. This is even more so with outside/inside cats who could easily move into a different house if they really wanted (and I have known cats who did that, or tried to do that, a cat of a friend of mine that we looked after while they went on holiday decided she didn't like their second cat at all and tried to move back in with us, she was very persistent, it was months until she finally gave up and settled into living at her old place)

Also I love petting cats, they're so unashamedly decadent when it comes to being comfortable.

I really like dogs too but overall I think cats make better pets, especially for working people in cities (I know that there are now more cats being kept as pets in the UK than dogs). That working partnership that was mentioned is true with dogs though. And that sort of union is really nice. I've never had a dog but I worked with my horse (back when I had a horse) and while that's a different relationship again, working with animals to achieve tasks and goals and really be a team is a lot of fun and very rewarding.
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I like them because they are way more independant than a dog...You don't need to bring them outside every couple of hours, and clean their muddy paws all the time.

Dogs are too much work for me I do love them though, and will probably get one once I own a home.
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They give me unconditional love, they make me laugh and smile with some of their antics
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I like their independent nature, and they are fun.
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I like them because they're cute and cuddly yet wild and independent at the same time. At times they're just like miniature lions and tigers - they walk along the back of the sofa with the same gait as a big cat wandering across the plains - yet they're also affectionate, playful and loving. I sometimes watch Jaffa racing up and down the room after a toy and he looks like a little tiger chasing after prey. But when I go up to stroke him he purrs and tilts his head towards me for a kiss. This dual nature is what attracts me to cats. They're wild animal and a domestic pet all in the one package.

Also like some people have already mentioned - they give conditional love. You have to earn their trust and respect, but if you do so they give you so much love.
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I love their intelligence and their individuality - cats come of their own accord, in their own sweet time!! I love their grace and agility and their independence - they love us, but they can get by without us, which is what makes their love so special - they show us love because they choose to do so, not because they need us to exist.

I love the expression "A dog will come when you call. A cat will take a message and get back to you later" I think that says it all really!!
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Like a lot of the other posters, I love cats for many reasons, I love all the cat family from the magnificent tiger to our domestic kitties they are indepedent, extremely intelligent, stunningly beautiful, athletic, affectionate and playful.

Most of all I love it that they choose to live with us
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The only non cat ive had was a rabbit. I've had cats since i was born. Mum is a cat person and it rubbed off on me, i don't know any other way. And while i love all my kitties to pieces, when i move out with Tristan, we're getting a rabbit and possibly a puppy. Hes grown up with cats and dogs so it's easier for him. Ive never gotten to that dog smell, you know the one that appears even soon after a wash. They are gorgeous, but you need tonnes of energy to look after them, plenty of time and a huge backyard. Kitties aren't fussy. Once they come in at the end of the day (or if they are completely indoors, once YOU come back at the end of the day) you can cuddle and snuggle and kiss them and they can sleep on you for hours without moving! Ive never thought of a dog as a cuddly creature. And even though we are slaves to them, i think it will be hard to change my ways.
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I LOVE, not like, cats because:

Many reasons other posters said

They smell good

They have beautiful eyes

They make all kinds of crazy sounds bird watching out of the window

Their fir is like SILK

They are so kissable

They are mysterious

Cats even have their own plant-catnip

They relieve stress, like the other posters said

There is nothing like walking into a quiet room and seeing a cat sitting like a bunny with it's feet all tucked under and a big smile on it's face

They are independent, yet you and the cat know they can't live without you

Their WHISKERS are absolutely adorable

Their PURR is soothing, relaxing

They are beautiful creatures, when God made the cat, He had me in mind

They LOVE to look pretty and groomed

It does not take much to make them content

They will play with anything around the house and it does not cost much for toys

They are the only creature that was worshipped (Egypt, 2000 years ago) If anyone harmed a cat then, they would be executed
The Sphynx (sp?) is part of a cat

The very word "kittin" or "cat" brings a smile to those who love cats

Take a poll: Talking about cats now, not dogs, birds or other animals--
Do you find that people who do not own cats are people you would like to avoid?

I could go on and on!
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I love most animals, thanks to my parents I grew up with a dog, a guinea pig (yeah, I know better now than to keep one on his own), rabbits, chickens, pigeons and goldfish. Notice I never had a cat, and I always wanted one, don't know why because all cats on our block were either scared of kids or mean, plus they were always trying to catch my pigeons (and have succeeded killing my all time favorite special little pigeon, he was such a cute guy, he was the only pigeon allowed inside, he'd sit on my lap watching TV).

I was always attracted to cats because every one of them is so beautiful and graceful, and they act all cool Now I finally have cats myself and they give us so much, they keep us company, they seem to know when you need that. For example; Mimosa never sleeps in our bed, except sometimes when my boyfriend is out of town and I feel kinda blue (so not when he is out of town but I feel OK). She will even sleep on top of me even though she never, ever sits on our laps or something like that ! A couple of weeks ago I had the flu and the first few days I had a fever and felt really bad, and all that time Flynn never left my side, he slept against me under the covers, but when he heard someone passing the bedroom window he would be out in a flash, he would sit on the windowsill and growl at the "intruder", it seemed like he was trying to protect me.
I also love the way the cats smell, they are so clean, I kinda like dogs but they smell different and I do not care for their smell.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
For lots of reasons.

They like to cuddle more than dogs.

You don't have to take a cat out for a walk several times per day.

Cats use a litter pan instead of needing to be paper trained.

They're quieter

They're more independent than dogs.

Cats can play independently where as a dog requires constant attention.

Cats give head butts, dogs don't.

Cats are cleaner than dogs.

Probably more reasons than that, but that's what comes to mind immediately.

I agree with all these as well. I grew up with cats and dogs, and we had lizards and fish as well. All 3 of us girls prefer cats. My sisters (one 28, the other almost 15) each have their own cat. I'm the only one who has 2 and a tank full of fish. My older sister got a 2nd kitty, but he died of FIP soon after she got him.

Scott says he prefers cats (a man that prefers cats over dogs, imagine that?) because they're quieter, more independent, and it's nice to have a kitty to keep you lap warm
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Well having both cats and dogs I will speak why I like them both:

1. The absolute unconditional love that is given no matter what. All they want is to be loved, and will love me back, no strings attatched.

2. They love to snuggle in bed with me at night (when no one else will).

3. They love it when I play with them with their toys..It's cheap fun for all.

4. They are "cheap" dates. They are very content to just sit on the couch with me and watch a movie at home.
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ha, well to be honest I'm not sure i could have said I was more of a cat person or a dog person until I got my first cat. Though it was Vincent , my gramma's cat whom I lived with that made me want to get my fist cat. I was actually looking for an orange fluffy cat (like Vincent) but was open. I went into this pet store (was preparing for food & litter stuff actually)that took a few animals from the local shelter so they would be more viewed (it was still through the shelter). Bentley was there covered in lose hair which I was not pleased and asking the people there why they could even go over them with their hand if they didn't want to brush him, they didn't have time they said. (he's short haired and doesn't shed much so it was serious build up). Bentley is a short haired tux. He started rubbing all over me through the cage and it was love! Aparently he had been in the shelter and/or the store for many months and had even been cat of the month 2 months prior. i had actually tried convincing myself maybe I should go to the actual shelter to give the other kitties a chance, my boyfriend laughed at me...y bother, you know your just gonna come back for Bently...as it was quite clear I was smitten! That's when it really all began! And many cat there after
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okok I know that wasn't really y I love cats but when it began and I think that thread was done! I didn't feel I needed to tell everyone y I love cats, you all did such a beautiful job for me !!!!
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good answers all, it seems for the most part, the reason we all like cats is just about the same
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ok, I love all kinds of animals, and have had dogs & cats. A dog right now is not a good option for me, I live in a city home, you can't just let a dog out in your yard, you have to be dressed & go out with it! So cats are the better option for our home. However, cats are more self sufficient, and can care for & occupy themselves.

They say men like dogs cause a dog will listen to it's "master" and most men need constant reassurance that they are master.....

But my DH dwells on the fact that cats make up their own minds, and when they follow him around like the pied piper and cry & beg for his attention, he knows that they really truly love him & want him, and he loves that feeling! And when Louie throws himself across the door, blocking it so my DH can't get out, he knows that Louie doesn't want his Daddy to leave...

I love their natural curiosity, and their purrsonalities, granted, not all cats are chocked full of personality I guess, but they are very cunning & smart, you can look at my Louie & watch his brain going....you can almost make out what he's thinking by his expressions.... And when they want love, they are not afraid to ask for it.... and when they don't want it, they tell you!

I also love their natural instincts....it's amazing how they "just know" that they are supposed to chase birds & stuff. And how serious they get when they are about to pounce.... I love their playful nature, how they can make a game of everything, and entertain themselves with just a clothes hamper!
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I love cats because I've always had one. DH and I have discussed getting a dog, but I'm not to sure about it. I have a feeling though that one will show up one day and we will be talked into taking care of it.

My passion comes from animals in general. I simply love them. Even though I'm not a big bird person if one showed up that was injured or sick I would most likely take it in.
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