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Look what I got at work!

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So, I got to work today (at the fabric store) and one of the managers told me we have a cat at the store, in the outdoor sale enclosure (cyclone fenced area). She's been there two weeks, and some of hte others have been feeding her. Those who smoke use that area during the offseason to smoke. So they've been feeding her. She's young, dilute torbie, and has either worms or kittens (my guess is that she's between 7 and 11 months old herself). She was dumped, and is VERY friendly.

I brought her home tonight and she's in the bathroom... I put a garbage bag in a baking pan and put litter in there... that way I can pull up the sides of the bag and bring it with me to the shelter tomorrow... they can maybe use it to check for worms, if she poos. I put some wet and dry food, as well as some water... JJ and Jack are curious, but no hissing. They won't be seeing her except when she is in the carrier tomorrow. I volunteer at our county shelter on Tuesdays now (was Thursdays, but with second job being on TH, I switched), so I'll be bringing her with me.

JoJo's at the door right now, watching the bottom of it. She's gorgeous... I'm in love, but can't keep her... trust me, I would if I could!! As long as she's healthy, she'll be VERY adoptable... she's a total lovebug. Purrs, laptime, very sweet.

I'll post pics over in Fur Pics... I took a few as she was wolfing down the wet food... Look for a similar subject line...

So, if she does have worms, will I need to throw everything from that room into the wash after she's gone? What should I do?

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Put her up also on message boards near your job. It is not quite sure she was dumped, she may perhaps get lost, and her owners do seek after her.

But some do dumps their cats when they get pregnant. Some do it also with their minor-age daugters...
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At our shelter, we have binders for lost and found cats... so if someone is missing her, most people in this county (and a few other counties nearby as well, since some don't have cat space) know to go to Multnomah Co. Shelter... She's a scrawny little thing, mostly likely with worms, which is why I can't hold on to her and just put up notices (that and the fact that I can't keep a 3rd cat in my apt). She's detained in the bathroom, and she wants OUT! I have to hold something in front of my legs just to keep her from escaping whenever i go in there...

For all I know, she may be MC'ed, which is great... so if she's simply lost and her owners are looking for her, then they will be reunited... but I am not so sure she is simply lost... Don't know...

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Okay, the update:

She's VERY pregnant. probably within a week or so. I don't know if they'll let her birth the kits, but we'll see. She's not microchipped, or they would have been able to contact someone for her... she's in Intake right now... three day hold... so, I have her shelter number, and I'll be able to check on her...

They didn't find worms, and they can't deworm her while she's pregnant. She looked clean this morning (as did her poo), so it's highly likely the belly is from babies and not worms as well. She seemed cared for and was only at the store for two weeks, so i don't know if she could have gotten worms... I've never really had to deal with that before.

i came home and wiped everything down. The rugs and such are in the wash right now.

So, there's what I have so far...

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I'm so glad you found her, and that she is such a sweetie, she'll probably get a home, don't you think?
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Oh I'm glad you found her! I hope she gets an awesome home really quick! I looked at the pics too! What a beauty!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
I looked at the pics too! What a beauty!
Pics?? Are there pics?? Where?
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You are so great to help this poor cat, still almost a kitten herself! Please us posted her and what happens with the pregnancy!
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