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Help please [Please read!]

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My cat, Faline, who turned 10 this March has been acting weird for the past few days.
We're thinking she may have a hairball that's stuck. Um, some of the symptoms are.. she'll randomly gag.. but nothing will come out. Her voice seems more quiet and she has troubles meowing.
I really hope this is nothing serious. She's been on hairball remedy for two days, and her mood seems fine..
Do you have any suggestions? I'd appreciate it so much.

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hm...are u sure its a hairball and her not coughing, i thought it was a hairball for bella and well she just got worse and we all believe she has a uri and she did start sneezing but started with the gagging thing! Awe i hope ur baby feels better soon and keep us updated
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Eek.. I never thought of that.
I'll phone the vet tomorrow.

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I had aactually remembered from when stormie was really sick when we got her she was gagging, also bella is afraid to throw up so I kept telling her it was ok and that went on for about a week, then stopped for a day or two and started up and then the next day she was sneezing! But now she is on antibiotics and waiting for 2 am to give her her next dose! Its always hard for me as well to tell the difference between the gagging for a hairball and coughing! Please let us know what the vet says tho
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Hmm... usually the hairball thing doesn't last that long. They either throw it up or swallow it back down. I would definitely see a vet. Let us know.. hope it turns out good.
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Sounds to me as if she's coughing and has a sore throat - symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. Radar had this recently, and like you we thought he was trying to bring up a hairball, but he actually had quite a nasty infection and a fever.

Radar recovered with antibiotic injections and a course of tablets, but like him, Faline does need to see a vet ASAP.
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checking to see if there is an update yet !!!
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