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Just Delivered Thread!

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Just like the kitten watch thread - Here's the just delivered thread -

We'll start effective today!!!

KCM!!! Congratulations!!
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Congrats KCM!!!!
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~Well dog gone it.... lol ya start this thread a few days AFTEr my babies ome lolol well Im postin on it ANYWAY haha it needs some use....~

~Introducing.....Born on Saturday MORNING~
Yourssarian-HUGE Ginger male
Tosca-Black Tabby Female
Lazuli-Runt Grey and white tabby MALE...thought was a female so we changed named on him and the black female.

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congratulations to KCM - all born safe & well
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Well, my lady-girl is definately in labor this morning!

I slept on the couch last night, and about 45 minutes ago, she woke me up because she kept turning/meowing. Then I noticed my arm was wet - ew!

I've got her settled into a box now, I hear her panting occasionally (I assume cats have contractions like humans?). I'm trying to not bother her too much!

So, how long before a cat goes into active labor should she deliver her first cat? Roughly? She's HUGE, and it's her first litter, so I want to make sure she doesn't get into trouble...
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Here's the Butterball Bunch, born 4/6 - 4/7

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Congrats - cute black/white and blue/white babies
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Oh these sweet kittens are just what I need for a smile..........
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Congratulations to sweetnsassy's pumpkin who had kittens this morning!!!!
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congrats to smallfryz8 on her kittens being born xxx
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Its been a busy day for birthing kittens , I see - congrats
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Thank you.. AND congrats to all who have kittens Joyful blessing.
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