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Bodlover passed 3000 too! Wow!

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This must be the week for special celebrations! I just noticed that you passed 3000 too, Rhea! Congratulations to my very dear friend!
Yea, Bodlover!!
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Aww thanks Jeanie!! Thats so sweet of you!!
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Well see what happens when you move to a town called Blabby (sorry I know Blaby with a long A).

Congrats my friend - I see I am still playing catch up with pets and posts.
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WTG Rhea!

Does this mean you talk to much?!? J/K!!!!!!!!!!
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You go girl! Way to blab! Here's to over 3000 posts.
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HEY AP!!! ME!??!!? Talk alot!??!!? When I'm supposed to be working?!!? Never!! :laughing:
Thanks Ady - and it has nothing to do with my town name!! (they named it AFTER I moved in!! :laughing: )
And thank you Sarah!!

You know I'm never gonna leave this place... ever.... Muahahahaha!!
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Wow, another member hitting 3000! Congratulations! :tounge2:
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I think all the blabbers talk so much 'cause it's such a great place to talk! :tounge2:

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Had to give a big CONGRATS to a fellow 3000er! I always love seeing your posts. It wouldn't be the same without, so YOU CAN'T LEAVE! WE WON'T LET YOU!!! LOL
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And I thought I talked a lot! Congratulations, and I know I don't have to tell you to keep talking.
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Congrats Rhea!!!!! This place would not be the same without you!!!
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Congratulations Rhea!
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Aww!! Thanks to you all!! I can only keep blabbing so much cos theres always someone here to blab to!!
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Well done girl. Keep on talkin'
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OMG the spam, I can't handle it no more
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HEY!!! I'll give YOU spam Mr!!!!! :laughing:
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I think it's time to pop open the champagne!

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You want spam?

/me hides from Bodlover the spam-masterette
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Hey! Thats MY Spam and you know it!! Give it back so I can throw it at you again!!! :laughing:
And thankyou Christy!!
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Darn, you stole my spam.....we'll soon see about that.
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Look, you better watch it, or I'll be forced to break open the corned beef!! :LOL:
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Hey I'm trying to get my post count up You haven't seen the amount of posts I do worldwide, tis shocking.

I be a Spamming God, as you can tell
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You, you.... SPAMMER!!!! Disgraceful!!!
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Are you following me? :tounge2: Or am I following you?

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Hmmm who knows?!?! MAybe we're just going in circles... come to think of it, I feel kinda dizzy?!?!?!
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Wondered why I kept falling over mt own feet This is all your fault and those 3000+ posts
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