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Bomb scare at my local shops

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I decided to hop on the train and go to my usual shopping centre for some art supplies and things. As i walked out the front entrance like everyone else, there was a police car parked horizontally on the road, blocking all traffic. I had no clue what was going on so i went into the library which is up a story directly opposite the complex, and above the road that is blocked. Lots of other people were up there as well and we were taking pics. More cars arrived to completely block off the whole section, police put up tape and security locked the front doors so people couldnt get in, or back out. I was told that someone left a bag at one of the bus stops on that street. Since 9/11 security in Aus has been alot tighter as well. My mum is one of the thousands who works in our CBD and when i heard that the tallest building there was a possible target is scared the crap out of me.

Anyway. I dont know what is happening. The police caught wind of us taking pictures, and it seemed alot more serious. One of them came in and told us we had to evacuate the library as well. My other local (which since getting an extension has attracted thousands more people) also had a scare a couple of years ago in an office block. They had to evacuate there as well. Even if there aren't any explosives, you dont know when you are there if someone is playing a prank or not.

Its only been an hour or so, so i'm trying to see if it's on any news sites.
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i hope everyone is ok. That is the age we are in now, you cant take the rist that a call is just a prank. stay safe
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