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Monday's DT

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Happy Monday all! I am actually feeling not too bad today. My coughing has been greatly reduced and I actually got some good sleep last night for a change - woooooooohooooooo! Work today has been fairly slow, but it may pick up.

How was everyone's weekend. I had a nice visit with my grandmother yesterday for her birthday - she is 78. Over a year ago she had a stroke and lost her ability to speak. She has gotten good at letting us know what she means with the few words she is now able to use!

Merlin has been bad (again). He is going around to all of the other cats and sitting on their heads. This obvously has been starting a few fights (they can't breathe). I really have to trim some nails as they are all getting war wounds!

How is everyone else doing? Bundy - start posting some more - I went thru some Bundy withdrawals as you haven't been posting much lately!
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Today is a day that I don't want to be at work. I've been fighting a cold for the past 4 days and it won't seem to go away. And to add to that, I am freezing! Since I sit at the reception desk, all the cold air from the elevators and the other floors flows through the halls and the atrium and no matter how much they turn the heat up (which isn't much to begin with) I am still cold. My hands are cold and my nose is cold and this isn't helping me get any better. I think I'm gonna go home on lunch and get a sweater and get some gloves!

I have my yearly review today with my boss, so hopefully that will go well and I'll get the raise that I want. Wish me luck everyone!
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You definately deserve a raise! Tell your boss I said so!
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I too wanna stay home, curl up and go back to sleep.... I do get next Monday off tho. Of course my looser coworker's leaving Saturday for 3 weeks *grrrrr*. (long story but Im not happy).
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:LOL: Thanks Ady! Its nice to know that someone thinks I deserve a raise. I have all of my stuff prepared, so hopefully that will impress my boss. I'm making less that the 25th percentile for my area, so I'm going to ask for at least the median salary for me area.
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You go Sarah! You'll do great!

I'm enjoying my unemployment, I slept in until 9 this morning (would have slept longer, but Mike woke me up ) I get to go do the unemployment shuffle today, and get to make some doctor appointments, but otherwise I can loaf today
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It's days like this I am glad I don't work on Mondays.

Well I still work just not couped up in a stuffy office. I pet sit on Mondays and it sure is nice to get paid to walk dogs and play with kitties. It's a brisk day out today but the sun is out displaying the fall colors painted on the trees so that makes the walks so much more enjoyable.

Not much else planned for today other than enjoying the rest of the day off.

Ady, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. Being sick is the pits so I always feel for anyone who is under the weather.

I had to laugh at your Merlin for sitting on your other cat's heads. There's always one trouble maker in the bunch and even though you feel bad for the other cats you can't help but laugh at him. Xavier(My trouble maker) has a habit of licking the other three. None of them like it and depending on which cat he's bothering they'll either fight with him or run away. Fallon usually fights him but always ends up pinned to the floor while he cleans her.

Good luck Sarah! You deserve a raise anyhow for putting up the cold.
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Sarah - go for that pay-rise! I'm sending $$$$$ thoughts to your boss.

I'm also laughing about Merlin sitting on the everyones heads. Poor ole Merlin.

A lovely sunny autumnal day today - all the trees are glorious in their russets and golds - my office has lovely views of the valley slopes covered in trees. Plus the atmosphere is hazy with smoke from bonfires and fireworks - with that distinctive Bonfire night smell (yes, it is tomorrow, but hey everyone uses the time around Bonfire night as an excuse to burn their garden refuse) of buring wood, burning leaves, sulphur and potatoes baking in the ashes.

Ooooh! I've just seen a TV advert for a new David Attenbrough programme "The Life of Mammals", to be broadcast starting at the end of November. I love his nature programmes.

Have a good day everyone
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Do you think if I hide out in the bathroom, they will find me...?!?!

I need a nap!
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I'm enjoying unemployment, too. Finished Anne Rice's new book: "Blackwood Manor". She's back in her old form. In this one, she intertwines the Vampire Chronicles with the Mayfair Wiches and adds a few other touches. Its been a while, since she wrote a decent book.

I bought the kids a computer, for Christmas. I, finally, got down to the $199 Computer Store. The one that I bought, was $269, though. They wanted one, with Windows 98 so, I had to pay a bit more. A new printer was thrown in, to boot.

Rowdy and Opie have a new toy. Bill has this table that hangs from macrame cords (a relic from the '60s). He put it up, yesterday. It has now become a kitty swing! I told him, don't even THINK about setting anything on that table. If I can catch them at it, I'll get a picture.
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well, did the unemployment shuffle, and boy am I mad! I spent 2 1/2 hrs waiting to get called. Finally went up and asked, turns out that they had turned in my restart application as soon as I turned it in, without telling me and without going over it with me! I wasted 2 1/2 hrs, when I have about 5 billion things I need to get done so I can relax... Now Mike had to come home and eat, so that's more time wasted! I'd planned to get everything done by now, so I can get some stuff done around here. Sometimes I get so frustrated it makes me want to cry!
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What a Monday! It's taken me all day and I'm still not through everything in The Cat Lounge from this weekend! Of course, I actually have had some work come my way, so that's been keeping me busy too. Geesh, don't they know that Mondays are my catch up on TCS day? LOL

Hubby has been sick since Saturday night. A real doozy of a flu bug. Well, his system has been completely cleaned out, and he wasn't underfoot so I was able to get stuff done yesterday. I'm just really hoping that I don't get it. It is nasty stuff!

I'm glad to hear you are doing better, Ady. Sarah, you do deserve a raise! We all know what a valuable person you are! Myste, I've been through the unemployment shuffle and know how horrid the beaurocracy is. Good Luck! I want to hide out today too. I'm hoping that I'm just tired from getting no sleep on Saturday. Every time hubby was up, so was I. Cindy, I bought Anne's new book on Friday. I collect her 1st edition books. I'm only missing Interview, Cry to Heaven and Feast of All Saints. Well, I don't have the ones written under her pen names, either, but that can wait. I've only finished about the first 10 pages. I've been way too busy to read. I'm glad to hear it is back to her old ways, though. The last few just didn't do it for me either.
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Ugh, the day is almost over!!!

Then we're going to the Kings vs. Minnesota hockey game at the Staples center!

(we got the "posh" seats)

Gosh I love generous clients!!!
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