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Paws up! Who has bottle babies?

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Paws up! Let's see how many of you crazy kids have bottle babies and lets keep track/complain/share and let the world know how awesome it is to help out some bebbe kittehs!

I have three babies, they're just coming up on a week and couple of days and their eyes are just starting to open. I've had them a week.

So, lets see you foster moms and dads!

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I would love to have bottle babies, but I just picked up my newest set of fosters, five 7 week olds. 2 black, 1 orange, 1 tortie, 1 grey. Too cute, and having a blast up in the foster room.
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Well, all three of my babies' eyes are open! YEeeahh!
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They look much better than they did on Tuesday. Yeah bottle babies. can you say we set a rescue record on Tuesday - NINETEEN bottle babies rescued. goooooooooooooooood lord! 16 from the shelter alone in one day. crazy!
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My bottle babies are all grown up. Of the ones I raised, 3 still live with me: Scarlett, Muddy and Koko.

They are not normal cats and I love them to death.
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my babies spent the last couple of days at the shelter being baby-sat b/c I was at an event and couldn't do it. i sure do get paranoid about other people holding them and taking care of them. Heh.

and I swear if they don't stop peeing on each other....
post #7 of 13 of today I have one bottle baby. Jade is 2-3 week old calico. Lordy....she has got a set of lungs!
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One of my babies is a calico and she is o.b.n.o.x.i.o.u.s!

The other two are quiet and sweet and she's a little turd. (but I lerf her just the same!)

They're getting so big now. Pretty soon they're going to want to start exploring.

I taught my dog to make them go potty. Ha! Awesome.
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They're using the litter box now! I'm so proud, I could explode.
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Oh thats great news. It sounds like they are coming along just great.

Would love to see pics of all these bottle babies.

Emma x x
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I have 6 bottle babies, about 2 or 2 1/2 weeks old.

Callie--white, tan, and brown calico
Harry--orange fuzz ball
stripes--dark brown calico with brown face and white paws
patches--dark brown calico with tan face and white tummy
Cat2--gray tiger with a white face
chrome--white, tan and brown calico

still bottle feeding and piddling. They're starting to pee a little bit on their own, but not much. Eating every 2 hours during the day and every 5 at night.
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im bottle feeding one 6 day onl kitten =) its my first time doing this and i love it =) its very rewarding! =)
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I just got 4 bottle babies today. (9 days old) The mother is sick and she needs a few weeks to I'm going to take care of them.
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