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OMG! I can't believe I did this!

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I started to make my dinner around 6:30pm. I wrapped up some frozen smoked salmon. After 20 minutes of cooking I put on the rice. That would allow enough time for the fish to thaw and cook.

I went to go and plate my dinner only to find that while I turned on the oven I forgot to put the fish in! So now it's 8pm, I'm on the verge of fainting from not having eaten all day and I just now put the fish in the oven. Grrr! Now I have to wait until almost 9pm to eat.

I should have ordered Pizza!
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hahaha, I've totally done stuff like that before. Hopefully that salmon is delicious once its done!!
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If that had been my place, the salmon wouldn't have made it into the oven because of Pushkin stealing it.
Hope it's tasty and worth the wait!
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We have all probly did something like that before i would have just ordered a pizza tho, im to impatient then again if u get it delivered it might have took the same amount of time anyways hmm i think imma order out tomarrow
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~Okay I WOULD have done that lolol. Im about as "Off It" as they come by the end of the afternoon. Youre talkin to a girl who cooks her children for supper, puts the bath in the oven. Sends her cats off to work. Gives her husband his nightly tuna. Feeds the hedgie to the fish. Changes out the fish's aspen shavings. Folds the dishes and washes the laundry. lolol~

~PS Be like me. I buy frozen Salmon in individual packs so I can pop one in the microwave and throw it on some minute rice and call it a darn day~

~Here is Oreo smiling because she knows her mom is plum dag gone crazy~
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I finally got to eat! I was so hungry that I didn't even taste my food, LOL

I'm not much for fish but I do like smoked salmon so I try to have it at least 2 times per week.

I'm glad I waited because while I love pizza, it doesn't love me. I'm lactose intolerant and would have been in agony for the rest of the evening and night because of the cheese.
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