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Protrusion from Kitten's Stomach - Can you Help? Thanks!

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Hey guys - I am worried about Spice. I just got home from leaving her for the weekend and she's developed a protrusion on her abdomen. This was not here before I left, as I pick her up about 100 times a day and would have noticed it.......

Some background: She's 8 months, was spayed about 4 weeks ago. Had to go back 2 weeks post surgery for a stitch that did not dissolve. At that time, vet removed the stitch. Brought her home, all was well.

Today when I returned from my weekend, I picked her up and found a lump on her abdomen. It's nowhere near the incision (probably about 3" higher), and the insicision itself looks fine. I can only describe the feeling of it as a protrusion - like she has the tip of a chicken wing sticking out of her belly. It's not ROUND at all like a lump. It's all inside; I can't see it on the skin at all. Doesn't seem to bother her. Still eats, drinks and plays just fine. I can palpate it with seemingly no pain. Whe she moves a certain way, it almost feels smaller, but that could be wishful thinking. It doesn't feel liquid filled; actually feels like a bone. Does anyone have any ideas? I will call the vet tomorrow but need to ease my mind tonight.....thanks so much!!!!
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Spice and I have something in common! Self disolving stitches don't disolve in me either! I'd call the vet. It is possible it could be another stitch that didn't come out or get pulled out (a straggler). I had a couple in my leg when I had my ankle surgery and it was above my actual incission. I'd have it checked out just in case it is something else that needs to be taken care of.
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How scary. Maybe a hernia? In any case certainly a sign to call the vet and get it treated while it's not painful to her.
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Thanks all. I am going to call the vet as soon as they open. It's so WEIRD literally feels pointy, like a bone, like a rib or something. I HATE waiting for the vet to open....sigh.......I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for the good thoughts!
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Keep us posted on how she does. Waiting is hard.
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One of my friend's cats had something like that (I picked him up and said "What is that?!?") and my friend told me that the vet said it was normal, and that whatever it was (sorry, I don't remember now) was just more pronounced than other cats? I had never noticed it before on him, either. Hope that's all it is with your kitty too.
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A little bit after my zoey got spayed she got a fluid bump in her belly. Not sure if that is the case with your girl as I think it was less then 4 weeks that it happen. If so it may need to be drained if it get bad and doesn't go down.
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Hope she is ok... let us know the outcome.
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Thanks all, for your good thoughts!!

Everything is great! She is perfectly fine and the bone (it WAS a bone) that is sticking out is just her STERNUM!!! (Catsallover, was this what happened to your friend?). The young doctor said she had never seen it, and the older doctor (who I just love) said that when a kitten is growing, sometimes the sternum is quite pronounced until the muscle mass builds up around it, and then it's not noticed quite so much. So, a very big relief for me! And a bonus - they didn't even charge me for an office visit AND they clipped her claws too!! LOL!! Thanks again!!!
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Yes! That was it . I'm so glad she's okay, and that you came out ahead!
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