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Pics from the weekend

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I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday weekend

I took the oppourtunity to take few pics.


Awww! they love eachother

I'm not too sure what Reilly thought he was doing sitting like this he sat like this for 5 minutes

and this is my parents cat Simmie (Princess Simmie ) She is 19 turning 20 years old and still going strong. I watched her strut around her fenced in yard this morning chasing a cat 18 years her junior off her property

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What a great picture of Reilly. Such a silly kitty. You have to wonder what he was thinking, lol.
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I just love these two fluffy kitties!!!! They are both so incredibly gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, you know I can't get enough of the handsome Reilly.
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They are just gorgeous Tracy- and Sydney is getting so big & beautiful!
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I just looove how much Reilly love his sister! I wish my two would get along so well!
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Your babies are soooo lovely, Tracy. And never ask a cat why he chose that position -- how could a mere human comprehend?

Princess Simmie is a lovely and very self-possessed kitty. I can well imagine that she would encourage an intruder to make himself scarce -- presumptuous young whippersnapper! Hmmph!
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awe those pics are great Such cuties, i really love the cuddleing photo but all of them are just such cuties and soo GORGEOUS
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You've got two beautiful babies there. I absoltely love cats with long fur, and boy, do you yours have long fur!

Don't ask Reilly what he was doing... like Rapunzel said, how could a mere human understand?
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What great pics! I love the first one.
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Reilly and Sydney are gorgeous as always!
Simmie is beautiful! She looks great for 19..
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Your babies are gorgeous And Simmie Bless her heart she's a doll
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Your babies are so gorgeous! Simmi's such a cutie!
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great pics,
as for what Reilly was thinking,
hmm i would bet he was thinking if he could sharpen his claws on that chair before you got to him
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Awwwww Tracy their so sweet together And Simmie looks marvellous for 19
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What beautiful cats. All three of them I just love Sydney she reminds me of a cat I used to have when I was a teenager. And Reily is just so big and beautiful. And your mothers cat is just a little lady.
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Aww they are all so sweet looking..I also just love the cuddle picture..
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Aww... I love your furbabies... they are so fluffy and sweet!

Simmie looks great! I love seeing such healthy senior cats and can only hope that mine live that well for that long.
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You have absolutely Stunning kitties!

Sweet Simmie, gotta love a fiesty granny Ok, don't let her know I called her a granny! She would be offended
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Awww its handsome Reilly! Your two fluffy bunnypuffs are just so gorgeous And Princess Simmie... GOSH~ 19 going on 20 and still chasing cats off her property! She's just amazing
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