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Sister just called.......

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She was worried about their cat. He went missing for 3 days, and shows up today.

He is wobbly, won't close his jaw, they think now it's broken, after me telling them were to look. And her one pupil is bigger than the other one.

I think he's been hit by a car. I told her to either make an appointment at the vets, or to call the rescue I volunteer for(they will take the cat, see if anything can be done, and raise the funds for surgery). She is going to talk to the lady she lives with and she what she wants to do, but I told her SOMETHING needs to be done. The cat is clearly in pain.

Vibes for this kitty is appreciated.. hopefully he will be okay.
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Aww, poor little kit for him and his family
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! She needs to get the cat to a vet right away! Vibes that he's OK and it's something treatable!
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Oh poor baby many vibes coming his way
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Oh no! I am so sorry for your sister's cat! Sending vibes!
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Poor little cat, i hope she can find a way to get him to the vet.
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Many many get better and good luck vibes coming their way for that kittie Please keep us updated on how everything is going
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Lots of vibes and prayers for this little sweetie. I hope your sister gets him in to the vet quickly, so that he has the best chance for successful treatment.
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Ahh, poor thing, I hope he gets to a vet as soon as possible. Lots of good vibes and prayers going your way. Take care.
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Oh poor baby! I hope they can get him in really quick like and that he can get all the booboos fixed! Poor baby!!!!
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Poor little dude. Hope he can be fixed up OK. It does sound like he was hit by a car.
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oh my oh my, i'm sending vibes for you. i'm so paranoid this is going to happen to one of my cats.
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Awww....poor little baby! Many, many, many get better vibes!! I hope the kitty can heal fast with the least amount of pain possible!
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Oh, I sure do hope that the little kitty-man recovers nicely...sending lots of vibes to you and your sister!
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Bless his heart. He needs to be seen immidiately!! Many vibes that he will be ok.

Keep us posted please!
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Oh poor little thing. I hope he will be okay *hugs* sending lots of vibes for the family
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I haven't heard from her yet.. and it's too late to call... but I'll call her tomorrow morning to see whats been done.
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oh my, poor little baby sending lots of postive (((((((vibes))))))) for the little one I hope you get some good news today
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