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Barney bitten by snake yesterday

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He is ok. I guess it had to happen eventually. I went to call him for breakfast yesterday and here he was with another snake and both of them were pretty angry. I tried to grab him but he kept running away and the snake was putting on a fair turn as well. Then he'd let it go and it was striking at him. I was screaming like a banshee but he paid no attention and then I saw the snake strike and Barney jumped about 3 feet in the air and I knew then that he'd been bitten. But he grabbed the snake again and took off down the back yard and I grabbed a shovel. They were both under the boat and the snake came out just as Barney bit me on the ankle so I was convinced the snake had bitten me! More screaming! Long story short, the poor snake came shooting out from under the boat and I brought the shovel down on his neck and chopped his head off. I feel really bad about it but by this time, I was almost hysterical. Came in and phoned the vet, took him down, along with the snake in a bag. He's been bitten on the eyelid but his eye is not punctured. The vet thinks it is just a tree snake and gave Barney a shot as well as two lots of drugs to take (that is a lot of fun!) He seems ok but very slow. At the worst, the skin above his eye might die and have to be surgically removed which would cause eye problems but the vet said don't even think about that just yet. Wait and see what happens. Oh what a way to spend Sunday morning!
Diann in Australia
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Aw I hope everything goes okay. I don't blame you for chopping that snakes head off, I think most of us would do the same in a state of panic.

Keep us informed.
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Poor little Barney!!!
He certainly seems to keep your life from getting too dull! I hope he has a full recovery, please let us know how he is doing.
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Certainly not a dull life with him but I'm thinking I'm too old for all this! I've never had a kitty like him! He just seems to know exactly what buttons to push with me and push them he does! He has absolutely no class and has pulled some diabolical stunts on me. One night, I had a Quota meeting at my place and it was pouring rain. I put Barney outside because he will leap up on the kitchen bench and poke his nose into food if he gets the chance and do all manner of embarrassing things. Anyway, everyone felt sorry for him and know how I feel about fur babies and couldn't understand why he was outside, so someone let him in. Well! Barney doesn't mind a bit of water and had been running around out in the rain and was soaked. As soon as he came in, he wiped himself all over everyone's ankles and then leaped into one woman's handbag and proceeded to kick everything out of it! There I was trying to play ladies, and Barney let the team down something fearful! Of course, he then took himself off into the kitchen and proceeded to stick his nose into the asparagus dip and was half way through it when one of the ladies came out to help with supper! Frankly, I'm surprised they ate any supper after that little episode! Why couldn't he have been some docile, well-mannered, "nice" kitty?? Not to sound paranoid, but I reckon he gets his kicks from seeing me go into a tail spin!
Diann in Australia
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lmao, that's so cute and funny. I can imagine all the other people faces as your cat gets their feet wet.
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Aww poor little Barny!!! )and poor little YOU!! :laughing: ) Hope his lickle eye gets better.....
Admit it though Diann.. you love all the mayhem!! Life would be so dull without it!!!
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Silly Barney. I'm glad he's ok... Maybe he'll learn his lesson?? Nah....

How's your ankle? Did he bite you hard?
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Poor Diann! Poor Barney! Life sure is an adventure where you live. Maybe he will leave the snakes alone now! I hope he gets better fast!
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Oh My Gosh! That must have been something. I would have chopped the snakes head off too. I am so happy Barney is ok.
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Gracious what an episode! Don't feel bad about the snake. It was attacking one of your family (although it was probably attacked first) and you have to do what you have to do. I'm glad Barney is doing OK. Be sure to take care of that bite you got, too. Cat bites can be really nasty.

After everyone has recovered, you will be able to laugh about it. Face it, Barney just loves keeping you on your toes. Can't grow old and feeble with a baby like him around!!
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Glad your cat is going to be fine. Snake shouldn't have had to die though.
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Well I disagree Jason. If that snake was messing with one of my furbabies, he would have lost his head as well!

I'm so glad Barney will be okay! And his antics are just hilarious! He reminds me a bit of my Merlin! I loved the part where he poked his nose into the spinach dip! :laughing:
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Originally posted by Debby
Well I disagree Jason.
That's cool. Most people would have reacted the same way. Panic. Snakes have a bad rap. I've owned many snakes in my life and I promise you the snake was not messing with the cat, it was the other way around.
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Glad to hear Barney is OK...and while I agree with Jason that it is a shame the snake was killed...I understand that you felt panicked and threatened and reacted instinctively.
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ROTFL!!!! My favorite part in your second post is when Barney comes in from the rain and wipes himself off on everyone's ankles and then jumps into a lady's handbag! Too funny!!!

And BTW, about the snake that was killed...
I didn't feel the least bit sorry for it! Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
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I have to agree with Jason. I felt really bad about the snake because Barney would have started it. I tried to rake the snake away from him a few times but by this time, the snake was scared out of his wits and striking out at everything and the raking was not improving anything. I find out tonight that my husband caught Barney with another snake a few weeks ago and that one had to be killed too. I don't kill them if I can get Barney away from them and I try not to panic and just lash out but at the same time, I'm not prepared to lose Barney just yet either. He has finished his course of drugs etc and seems to be fine.

As for it being so funny with his nose in dips and handbags when I'm trying to play ladies.........No team! That is not funny!!
Diann in Australia
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As an ophidiophobe, I don't feel sorry for the snake. Logically, I know that they have their place but, there is no logic in a phobia.

Bill likes snakes and has owned some, over the years. I delivered a rare ultimatum: he can have a snake or, he can have me. He thinks that I'm much more fun to cuddle and I can cook!

Hope that Barney is OK and learns to stay away from snakes.
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Jason, It's obvious that you're an animal lover. But this is Australia, home to 6 or 7 of the most venomous snakes in the world, including the brown snake, which loves to hang out in people's homes. This was no garter snake or pet! As far as Diann knew, she and Barney were in danger of dying. The snakes in Australia are not all shy. Some are placid, some not. I would not have taken any chances, although I admire Diann for being able to do anything at all. I'm not sure I would have had that kind of courage. You're kind hearted, Jason, but this was a potentially dangerous situation.

Diann, I don't know what to suggest about Barney. Perhaps he could join your pastry decorating class. His technique, the act of shaping roses with his mouth until they disappear, might be lacking, but it's a much safer hobby for a dear little kitty like him. Please encourage his creative urges. (Note that I am not laughing. I'm quite serious.)

The poor cat. He was attempting to be a good host and invite each of your guests with loving, though soaking wet, leg rubs. And how nasty it was for that lady to leave her purse open, knowing that pussy cats are curious. The good Lord made them that way. I hope you put her in her place, after she picked up the mess the contents made on your floor. I, for one, am very grateful that you own......I mean, that Barney owns you. (That does mean he can't find me, doesn't it? Well, doesn't it?? Friends, please don't give Diann my address!)
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