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Urgent help with 19 year old cat

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Can anyone offer any advice. My cat turned 19 today. He has kidney problems for some time. The other day he pulled his right paw up and fell over on his side, I took him to the vet and she kept him on a drip for 24 yrs
She took blood and the results showed his BUN at 40 (range 4 - 11) and his creatine at 522 (range 27 - 186), his phospate was normal. His blood pressure was very high at 300. The vet gave him heparin and vetergesic injections. I bought him home last night. She has put him on instin tablets at quarter of a 5 mg tablet and fortekor at 2.5 mg, one tablet a day, he has been on these tablets for 2 and half days. When I bought him home he seemed fine, today he slept a lot in the afternoon, didnt want to get up, now he has got up, wailed, and slumped down by his tray on his front, I am not sure what is wrong. Could his blood pressure have come down too fast? Could it be a side effect of the tablets. He really looks ill. The vet was a standby one and is 20 miles away and the journey really upset him. He is due to see his local vet tomorrow but they are not open over the bank holiday today. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this. Thankyou.

Best Wishes

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You must be so worried, that's horrible. I'm sorry i have no idea, I'd ring the vet at least for advice even if you can't get there until tomorrow. Sometimes they can help a lot on the phone. If its really urgent to see the vet then they will be able to tell you and you can go tonight. I hope it works out for you, good luck
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I can't speculate about what's going on, but I'd be phoning the vet you saw the other day right now. It sounds like you should be taking the cat back there, too, but a phone call will confirm that or get you proper advice on what to do until you can see your own vet.
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Chris...I think that your precious kitty's health is very fragile.
It is essential that you keep in contact with your vet about your questions.
Your 19 year old senior kitty is very special.
I wish you both well.

What is your boy's name?
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Please call the vet.... At that age every hicup can be a problem... What if any dietary things did your vet address??? has he eaten?? Pooped and peed in normal amounts??
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Looks like the blood pressure tablet taken at 7 did it, hes just soooo tired with it, I have read it is one of the side effects. Will be sleeping downstairs with him tonight and watching. He has been to the water bowl and drunk, will be taking him over the vet tomorrow unless a problem in the night, then will take him to the 24 hr one again. His name is Dillon and he has been in the family from a baby, he is very precious.
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He has been on the special kidney food from the vets since 12 years old, but he has a lot of trouble with constipation, I have to put physillium husks in his food and then half teasp liquid paraffin later for him to go at all. He is very thin and weak and the vet said he wont have more than a couple of months but could go on for a year, the medication was supposed to help.
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My thoughts will be with you and your beloved Dillion.
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Just want to wish him a quiet stable night, and hope that your vet can help get him feeling better.

Here is my favorite resource re cats and kidney failure (I have 3 currently with this problem):
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Poor Dillon. Please keep in close touch with your vet. As the others have mentioned, a senior kitty has special issues. I do hope your baby is doing better today.
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I am praying for your angel boy. Please keep us posted. I hope you got in touch with the vet.
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I will be praying for Dillon. Please let us know what happens with him.

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