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NEED ADVICE!! Pregnant kitty

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Ok, so my friend dumped off this cat at my house about a week and a half ago. She is definantly pregnant. She is long hair but you can still tell she is big. My friend said about a month ago she had noticed that the cat was getting bigger. I have a box for her but she keep scoping out my closet but i think it is her being more nosey than nesting. SHe is alert,happy,energetic and seems normal. My big question is about 5 days ago i felt the babies moving and since then havent felt anything. She has started to pull the hair away from her butt and vaginal area. Her teats are hard and pink and i can tell she has milk veins becasue i feel them. Around the base of her teats you can tell its bald but you hvae to search. Can any one tell me if she seems to be doing anything that means she is close? I've never seen a cat pull hir from around their butt and im almost positive that she isnt stressed. PLease anyone who can help please do so. The girl how owned the cat said she didnt know when she got pregnant because she escaped for a few days. She also meows when i touch her belly. is that normal??
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OK, first off, you should probably read this article:


It may help to answer some, if not most of your questions.

As for the fur pulling, it would be really nice of you to gently clip the fur around her bottom so that when she delivers the babies, she won't have so much cleaning up to do.

If, after you read the article, you find you still have questions, please feel free to post them here. The "regulars" who frequent this forum have all been through a pregnancy or are going through one now with their cats, so we have a real knowledgable bunch.

Welcome to TCS. I look forward to hearing more about you and your girl.
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Ok well that helps a little bit and thank you for being so kind. She wont let me clip the hair around the nipples without trying to attack my hand. Her nipples are also kind of crusty. I have been keeping her in my room letting her out a little bit during the day and she would rather be out wandering around the house rather than staying in my room. She was meowing a lot this morning sitting by the door of my room. I'm assuming she wanted out but im not sure. The only other thing that was odd was that she will jump on my bed, lay there for 5 min. then jump on the floor (lenolium) (SP) and lay there for about 5 min all sprawled out. WHats with that? is she adjusting>?
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Don't worry about clipping the fur around the nipples, that will happen naturally as the glands begin to fill with milk.

It sounds like she is uncomfortable and a little restless. Do you have the nest all set up for her? Has she explored it and started to dig around in it at all yet?
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was you able to feel the kittens moving before then ? if yes and you havnt felt any movement in the last 5 days i would speak to a vet asap just in case there is a problem.
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I'm not an expert by any means, but once I started to feel the kittens moving inside my pregnant kitty, the movement only got stronger as they grew. I'd be concerned that you're not feeling or seeing movement for five days. I'd be getting a vets opinion.
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