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Not Sure What's Wrong

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I'm rather new at the whole cat owning experience and lately I'm experiencing something new with my 4-month-old cat. I know she is sick, but I don't know what's wrong. Like most young cats, she likes to play and hardly cries, but the past day or so she cries when you call her name. Not a crying meow, but more of a high-pitch purr. Also, when I call her name, she lifts her rear end and almost seems like she is walking backwards. When I barely touch her tail, she also lifts her rear end and begins to shake from the waste down.

Anyone know what my cat my be experiencing?

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Is she spayed? It could be that she is on heat.

If she has, has she been peeing ok? I could be that she has a bladder/urinary tract infection.
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She's not spayed or neutered, and she seems to urinate just fine, but that could be it as she does use a litter box. Could it be anything else, maybe she ate something and is have a hard time passing through?
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Personally I think she is in heat! However, just to be on the safe side have her checked.

Good luck!
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sounds like a female cat in heat.
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If you don't want any kittens, and there are too many homeless kittens already, please get your kitty spayed. She won't go out of heat for a long while. Nearly every unneautered male within miles will be at your door trying to get in, and, she in turn will be trying to get out! The males will call to her and fight all night long trying to get her attention and she will be calling back to make sure they stay. Most of this will be after dark while you and your neighbors are trying to sleep.
If funding is a problem, there are many programs that offer low cost spay. Call the SPCA or some one like them for assistance. Good luck with your kitty!
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Ok, I waited a few days and now small white liquid looking things come out her rear. It must be a worm since it moves (expands, shrinks, moves, etc), and I'm taking her to the vet, but could this be why she was acting like that? Oh, and she doesn't want to play or do anything anymore. She just sleeps and normally when I get mad and tell her to move, she runs away, but now she just does that high-pitch purr and doesn't move.

I hate seeing my cat sick, sigh.
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