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Anyone else?

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Is it just me or does it feel like your the only onw working this lovely Easter Monday? Oh I wish I had taken the day off. It's so boreing here in the office. Only about 6 people in the entire building. I figure if the Government, banks and Mail don't have to run today neither should I. What about everyone else?
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Boo hoo, I'm working too.
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Are you in the US? Cause I work for the government and I'm working.
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Mail and govt are working here as far as I know. There are a lot of people who took off for a 4-day weekend though. Wish I was one of them!
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no, Canada it's a government holiday here.
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I actually work for local government and I'm in the office today. Granted I was off on Friday but I'm here today!
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Our office is open, the banks are open, we've already had mail delivered - yup, just a normal Monday here in my neck of the woods!
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Over here it was a public holiday today and friday. I still had to work even though it was unnecessary and the other people I work with (different jobs, admittedly) didn`t come in.
No double pay either!
I was so peed off on friday I painted rude words over the wall I was supposed to be painting
Immature, yes. But it gave everyone a laugh and made me feel better.
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i wasnt working today but back tomorrow
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It's not just you ... I know my office is the only one open in the entire building today! On the plus side, it's been really quiet and that meant I got a lot of work done. Wait ... that's a plus?
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I had to work today as we were closed tomorrow (Sunday worker in a clothes shop) - It was pretty dead today. Not as bad as some Sundays we've had though...
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