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Leaving kitties at mom's house

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DH & I are planning a week long trip in July & we are dropping out 3 kitties off at mom's house. How should we prepare for their arrival? Lucky & Molly used to live there and did pretty good last year. Benson is a new kitty and I am not sure how he is going to react. We don't have anyone close by to feed them at our place. Any suggestions or ideas?!
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I don't know how far away your mom's house is, but could you take Benson over there once beforehand so he can roam around and get used to it?
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Mom is only 15-20 minutes away. We actually took Benson with us last night for Easter dinner. I was curious if others would think it was a good idea.
He did pretty good except he wouldn't use the litter. I showed him the boxes several times. Spunky who is the youngest at mom's house hung around Ben all night. They weren't playing but they weren't fighting. Cello the friendliest kitty stayed away and that totally shocked us. Later in the evening Princess who hides all the time ventured down for dinner only to spot Benson and she ran back upstairs. Benson did follow her around. I don't think they fought but I heard a lot of hissing. Connor just hid behind the sofa. Princess & Connor always hide when company is over so that wasn't usual for them.

We took dry food with us but Benson wasn't interested in eating. I was hoping he would relax a bit more so I can figure out how to Benson proof the house! LoL The good news is her kitty's didn't like the dry food so if we bring our own hopefully our kitties will stay on their diet.

Overall I think it went great. He was there for over 5 hours & no fighting. I am still worried about the litter box. Mom thinks it was too dirty for him.
Mom's kitties are used to strange kitties coming over.
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Michele if I lived in the NE I would totally feed them & love them for you while your gone! I would bring Benson's own litter box with him to your mom's house... this way it's his smell. Also, when you clean out the box, don't bring fresh litter over there, you can scoop it clean, but so it still has some of his "scent" in it you know what I mean? And maybe bring something of your moms to your house, like a blanket & lay it wherever he likes to lay.... then he will get used to the smell of her house, and when you take him there bring the blanket, it will have his smell on it too. This should help...
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